📺 How Good was it Really?: Friday Night Lights 📺

No interest in sport is required. Obviously there will be more things to enjoy if you do have an interest, but I would say it is optional.

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Yes definitely, I don’t care about American sports at all, didn’t know anything about american football, still loved it


such a good show. yes it’s not perfect but in terms of easy watching binge TV it’s great, with a surprising amount of depth.

Shout out to Saracen’s grandma!

Also echo that it’s strange Zach Gilford’s career stalled, he was great.


love how excited Saracen’s grandma is whenever Coach comes round :sob:


Coach and Grandma is the best on screen pair-up on FNL. Always great.

Texas Forever
Crucifictorious Forever


it’s funny when you try and describe this show to people it sounds fucking awful

i guess it should be really terrible… but it’s not?


Definitely doing a re-watch now!

Coach always calling Landry, Lance :joy:


I briefly thought I’d get into American football after watching it but that never happened. I think football is sort of shown as a big damaging black hole sucking everything into it within the town and also one of the few opportunities available for a lot of the kids careers. Like all these teenagers are getting their bodies destroyed and are under ridiculous pressure and scrutiny from the town it’s ridic.

He’s brilliant in the episode where his father dies, his freakout at the Taylors’ dinner table especially. He deserved a better career, though he’s married to the woman who played Nikki in Lost so I guess he’s not complaining about his life


Agree. Definitely think the show with Voodoo, JD, Smash, Vince etc shows how fundamentally damaging the system of football is for young people.

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Yeah that was the episode I was thinking of. Stunning TV

Despite how grim it is it still finds time for one hilarious moment - Matt opening the door to see JD McDick and his father coming to pay their respects and he just shuts the door on them straight away


Yeah, another one for the 5 star crew but it is hard to sell it to people that haven’t heard of it before. No episode of TV has affected me as much as Saracen and his dad though, and I get an urge to shout CLEAR EYES FULL HEARTS at least oh a couple of times a week.

Coach is the best TV dad ever (closely followed by Gram from My So Called Life, which will be a future thread I’m sure?)

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Also fuck off is IAP that much better than Fawlty Towers

never actually made it to the end of series two

guess i should watch some more of it

right then, I’m starting the re-watch tonight!!


I think it’s overstated how bad it is (it’s fine) and then the rest of it is all pretty great again. Obviously some weak soap-y storylines but the heart of the show is basically perfect.


Went to Texas last year, it’s mad how much those towns get into the high school teams. We’d be in bars where every surface had some sort of “GO BUCKS” design and there were framed shirts and helmets and stuff everywhere, it was surreal.

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Just looked, the biggest high school stadiums hold a hair under 20,000 people.

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