📺 How Good was it Really?: Gilmore Girls 📺

More gilmore girls than most

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That’s probably fair to say

Are we allowed to talk about what happened at the end of additional four episodes or are some people still waiting to see it (it’s been two years but whatever)

Bad. Bad reboot, bad execution. Really bad.

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Think it’s pretty implied that these threads will be chock full of spoilers, no?


The whole thing.

But I’d just ignore it personally. There’s no way I’d rate Arrested Development or The Simpsons (if either of these shows would ever fucking finish) as anything other than a 5. I’m just gonna pretend latter seasons don’t exist.

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Very bad!

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Yeah, the shows are all finished, so feel free to speak openly.

Ok then, so at the end of the additional four episodes Rory find out she’s pregnant

  • Logan’s
  • She’s surrogating for Lorelai and Luke
  • Something else

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I think it probably could have worked as a proper season of normal length episodes. Stretching them out to film length meant that they had to stretch out the Townsfolk b-plots to an equivalent length though which they absolutely cannot maintain. That fucking Stars Hollow musical section is abysmal.

The only good part of the Netflix run was Emily’s arc. Got a bit emotional when she was working in the museum at the end.

Everything else can go swivel though.

It’s odd, because it’s not like ASP got shit, Mrs Maisel is really good, it was just like she was so keen to overthrow how the first run had ended that she didn’t care about trampling on so many of the things people liked about it.

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That was bloody weird but then the show always did have weird bits

I can’t even talk about the musical.

Kinky boots!

Yeah, but that exact plot device (which serves to make Lorelai feel a thing) works if it’s five minutes total carved into a 40 minute episode. It being like 25 mins of a film is just not sustainable and only breaks the suspension of disbelief that the show had built up so carefully over it’s original run.

Wait, was surrogating even suggested?

The “poetic” storyline would be that it’s Logan’s, but she loves Jess, so she will repeat the Lorelai / Christopher / Luke triangle for another generation.

But I just assumed it was the Wookie guy she met that one time. Why not. Hopefully I’ll never have to find out.



Oh Jesus, the fucking Wookie.

Amy Sherman Palladino like properly hates “millennials” as well, right. All the queue and uber stuff… Exhausting.

Really didn’t like it, for numerous reasons, as discussed in other threads on here and the old forums.

Yeah, but it was too late to provide commentary or be funny or cutting. She really should have just been able to do the seventh season and we could have been spared all of this.

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