📺 How Good Was it Really?: Girls 📺

By the end Lenas character alone was just so relentlessly unbearable.

has a baby, Marnie uproots her own life to help her and she treats her like shit wtf

also, can’t believe Marnie married that guy. He was SUCH a douche. I mean, so was she but jfc

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I liked it enough to watch through to the end. It had some beautiful moments/episodes but there was so much ridiculousness, parts that were just unpleasant to watch, and it wasn’t funny that often. Jessa was The Worst.

Some tunes on the soundtrack and I thought the episode where she goes to that writer’s house was very powerful (especially the bit at the end with Desperado by Rihanna)

Sort of liked it in a conflicted way but I don’t think I can give it more than 3/5

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It genuinely helped me on my road to body confidence /giving less of a fuck / etc etc

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Yeah, not sure I explained that well. Stuff that seems to think that terrible people are inherently engaging as absolutely toxic (thinking of stuff like that Force Majeure film a few years back, God I hated it) but stuff like It’s Always Sunny or Curb where it takes their awfulness and skewers them with it is great fun.

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(I kinda loved Force Majeure as I thought it was hilarious but fully agree otherwise)

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Frasier at its peak was the absolute best at this.

Exceptionally hot take is that I found Girls more funny than It’s Always Sunny

And I didn’t find Girls funny :smirk:

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Some. But then all that utter wank with Charlize Theron playing someone with mental illness for lolz and the British people, and once all the jokes were about it being cancelled is when it died for me.


The payoff with Annyong in the final episode was great.

Fortunately they never made another series after that, and left the comedic legacy well alone!


That whole MRF plotline was well dodge though.


Wish the avalanche had finished them all off and saved me a couple of hours.

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I really, really liked this show but for whatever reason didn’t watch the final season and I don’t know why.

Marnie annoyed me a ridiculous amount. They’re all pretty terrible apart from Shoshanna. Wish she’d stayed in Japan. The episode where she takes crack is pretty good isn’t it? I used to really dislike Eilijah and I think he was my favourite character by the end.

Never viddied this one but its description of hipster sex and the city sounds like genuinely the worst thing imaginable

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Also, I’ve never seen Girls so won’t be voting, I just came in here cause I thought we were rating girls, you know the people, like as a whole entity. 5/5.



Slowly slowly watching it as there’s so much cringe and stuff I find difficult to handle, but really enjoyed the first 2 seasons. Might struggle to finish but so far 3.5 or 4 I think - some of the musical ending montages to episodes were properly great (it actually made Wonderwall work as an emotionally resonant song again somehow??)

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Marnie was horrendous but she was so awful you couldn’t feel sorry for her, and I quite enjoyed her as a love to hate character.

Hannah, on the other hand, you were meant to have some sympathy for :grimacing:

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They referred to Charlize Theron’s character as a MRF (Mentally Retarded Female) during that season.

Ray and Elijah were basically the only one’s with a modicum of human decency.