📺 How Good Was it Really: Little Britain 📺





The TV equivalent of Cards Against Humanity


I knew it was an old Dr who, couldn’t remember which one

forgotten about that. ulrikas looks to camera and then coming out of the sink killed me :grinning:

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One Christmas my dad bought my little sister a big hardback Little Britain coffee table book of scripts or something, and it was deemed such a bad present that we staged an intervention where we told my dad he had to up his present game as it was so offensively poor, none of us even watched Little Britain let alone wanted to read the scripts ffs.


There are more standalone sketches in the first series, iirc. Based on any time I’ve caught it in recent years, those are the ones that stand out as being way better than the rest

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‘you can’t blame Nietzsche for the Nazis!’

Yes you can

=========> bin, both of them, computer says scorchio, fuck off mates

seem to remember really enjoying the first series, so much so that we bought tickets for the live show, which was something like 14 months after the tickets went on sale due to rescheduling. Reluctantly went even though it was well past it’s sell by date at this point. Sat in front of a pair of c**ts who just barked every tired catchphrase before each line was delivered. Left after 40 mins. Worst live comedy experience ever.

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I bet that’s raised the overall score.

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Given the success of Little Britain and its ilk, I wonder if anyone ever tried to convince Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant to actually make a full-blown series of When The Whistle Blows. I would actually have been better than Little Britain.

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Smirking thinking about Daffydd and Lou/Andy (particularly as someone who shouts “IT’S A MIRACLE” whenever their best mate gets out of his wheelchair) but most of the others are awful.

Even as a hyper edgelord preteen I found the Ann and Ting Tong (cringing writing the name) sketches reprehensible, but not enough to not have the whole series on DVD somewhere.

This reminds of the time my mum bought me a Top Gear ‘Stig’ T-shirt. I don’t watch Top Gear and i have no interest in cars. I don’t think i even knew what The Stig was at the time.


Around the same time my dad bought me a big book about the making of the film Ryan’s Daughter, despite me never having seen the film Ryan’s Daughter or even heard of the film Ryan’s Daughter at the time. I actually read it though, it was pretty interesting, quite a troubled production iirc. (I have still never seen Ryan’s Daughter)


This is by far the best one

Top it if you dare

Loathed it. Absolutely hateful shit.

Hate those two smug twats behind it. I didn’t like George Dawes on Shooting Stars either (but look, he’s laughing while singing ‘peanuts’. No, fuck off!)

Hate the terrible very-slightly-different-lead-up-to-the-same-catchphrases that they passed off as comedy.

Hate hearing the catchphrases still being used.

Catherine Tate was better than this. Catherine Tate!

So yeah, 5/5 from me.


Gammon comedy, that’s what it is.


Crossed a line here Spunky


Not for the first time

Sorry mate but this is obviously gold

Funny comedy performer, bad writer. Walliams is shite