📺 How Good Was it Really: Little Britain 📺

I’ve seen so little it would be meanspirited of me to rate this the ‘1’ that what I have seen is worth.

I just want to say that I was really surprised to enjoy Matt Lucas in Doctor Who.

Matt Lucas in Paddington is fun.

50 50 50

It’s a shame they seem to be funniest when they have a bout 2 pound fifty for a budget

I didn’t realise it got shown outside of Scotland. Used to love it back in the 80s.

Just out of interest I googled ‘HGWIR’ to see if these threads were the top links

They were

there are also links for a website called ‘Corgi Orgy’

I wish I hadn’t looked

Are Lou and Andy in Rock Profiles, btw?

I feel like the regression of their thing from “but Andy, you don’t like the colour red. You said it reminds you of blood, and therefore death” to [man who was in a wheelchair dives into swimming pool] is a half decent summary of how bad it got. Almost worth a 2 for the half decent first (maybe?) series, but other than that it’s just the worst of everything.

I don’t get it, cos Matt Lucas comes across as a decent person, and apparently really regrets loads of the stuff in there, and yet the whole premise of the show devolved into “laughing at people that are different”.

Honestly don’t get why that happened, but it did.

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they’re based on Lou Reed and Andy Warhol (supposedly)

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it’s why David Platt on Corra goes by Jack P Shepherd

Yeahiknow (sorry)

Late to the party (because I couldn’t be arsed reading about little Britain), but is X as a middle initial actually cooler than Z?


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Human Giant and Monkey Dust are both worth checking out

New thread tomorrow.

Little Britain and Come Fly With Me are now the two lowest ranked shows on the list.

A pox on the houses of everyone who voted higher than 1.


I’d love to make a sketch show btw

Suggestion: Every sketch ends up with your head stuck in a kitchen appliance so the cast can quip ‘guess we know whats for dinner today’

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I’m probably going to have loads to do tomorrow. Need to know if it’s worth skiving out the back for. I’ll tell you my next one if you tell me yours.

Don’t have any order, I just pick one from the list as I’m posting. Sorry, I know it’s never good to see how the sausage gets made.

Chaos! I wrote a big list at the start, sorted it into a random order and just work through it one at a time.