📺 How Good Was it Really?: Lost (aka The Rolling Lost Thread) 📺

It used to be good getting @nestor’s mate’s email every week.


Dear board. You remember precisely 33% of breaking bad were filler episodes that ploddes along. Great show, yes, but better than Fawlty Towers? For shame

As for Lost id be outraged if it even beats Goodnight Sweetheart

Watched it all and have partly rewatched it a few times.

I loved it but I get why others don’t.

The show suffers greatly from being on the cusp of prestige TV but still stuck in network hell and its 24 episode a season format.

Of course it also suffers from the writers not having a clear understanding of what they were doing but there’s a good deal of exaggeration on behalf of the show’s detractors on this.


Can’t argue with the leaderboard

except for MitMs horrendously low placing


lost was fucking great


The first season of Lost was brilliant, edge of your seat TV and half way through season 2 the quality took a nose dive and I never went back.
So on the vote, is 1 or 5 the best?


The opening of this episode blew my fucking mind.

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5 is the best

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really don’t think you’d ever get the same out of it rewatching it all at once. the whole waiting desperately for the next episode and having huge discussions about wtf each thing meant and what could be going on was a massive part of it


yeah this is why Breaking Bad was good


so many moments that will stay with me forever

we have to go back
not penny’s boat
see you in another life, brother

gonna watch it all again


I fucking loved Lost. Properly loved it. Would obsessively watch and rewatch episodes, took part in all the in-between seasons extra-curricular internet stuff. It was a major part of my life during the major events in my life so I will always have a very sentimental attachment to it which makes it hard to judge properly.

I will absolutely stand by the first few seasons as exceptional network narrative TV. I think it deserves an enormous amount of credit for changing the game to allow showrunners to decide their own end points. That said, I can fully understand why people jumped off board with it as it became apparent they had no idea where they were going with it. Despite that, I actually really like the way it ended with a bit of distance from it. Every character ended up with very full arcs that were emotionally very satisfying. The journey to get there would have justified the ending even if I still hated it though.

If I were to make a list of my favourite TV drama “moments” I think Lost would end up being very over-represented.


Same, having done all the big prestige ones now (Sopranos, Mad Men, The Wire, BB etc) everything else seems a bit dull in comparison. 30 min dramedys though, I’m all over that. But nothing that needs 10+ hours per season, just gimme a bunch of films instead ta.

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All I want from tv is quirky small town dramedy. Not sure the medium is suited to the other things.


I have never watched any Mad Men, Breaking Bad, the Wire etc. Who has the effort to watch a show for that long?

I realise I’m in the minority here.

what else are you gonna do like


Post on dis :woman_shrugging:

Rewatched the pilot recently and one thing that does not reflect well is the gratuitous shots of bikini-clad Maggie Grace and Evangeline Lily. Both of them have recently spoken of their dissatisfaction with the way their characters were portrayed and you can very much see why.

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Students that don’t like going out hah. In my last year I lived with my best friend and two of our other closest friends came over about 4 times a week and we watched like 3 eps of Sopranos a night and baked and drank, then did the same with The Wire afterwards. Best times of my life tbh.

Then I also binged MM throughout the day time before people arrived, and I wonder why I didn’t do as well in my degree as I should have …

Yeah it was the first big show I remember being a phenomenon this way before Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones etc.

Very well made in a lot of ways but it became more and more nonsensical as it went on. I was one of those people defending it to the end, insisting it all made sense and there was an overarching narrative, but the ending let me down so much. There’s a good long read by one of the writers on how they were absolutely making it up episode to episode: