📺 How Good Was it Really?: Mad Men 📺

It’s definitely a show that got misrepresented initially - all the oohh they smoke and drink stuff.

I’ve watched it all through a couple of times and have loads of boring stuff to say but won’t. I’ll just mention one thing, which is I think it presents a fascinating study of alcoholism.


please do


Five. Inspired television.

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5 for me. If you’ve only seen a few episodes I don’t think you can judge it fairly.

Amazing show, one of my favourites.

If you haven’t read the style blog that goes slongside it then do, the thought behind the colours, costumes etc is immense.

Reckon early season Pete and late season Pete should be on as different characters. You hate one and love the other.


An absolute mega-5

It’s a masterpiece.

The era of history I have the most interest in depicted via some of the most genuinely real characters we’ve ever seen on screen. The depiction of the social change from season 1 to the end is genuinely astonishing and delivered (for the most part) extremely subtly and with a real eye on how it would have been living through it as opposed to it being laced with retrospectivism.

The ending was perfect but I really, really wish we’d got to live with these characters for longer. I constantly was asking myself “I wonder what Joan is like as an old lady” and (even moreso) I hope Sally is ok.

A fucking great show.


Season 1 is horribly paced and hard-going, but it gets much better after that

nearly put Peggy as favourite character just for this


Ah cheers but I’m not good at brevity so it’d end up as an essay. I’ll chip in with comments though.

Definitely has to be seen all the way through to be properly appreciated imo.


Actually watched quite a few series (4, I think) of this before realising it’s quite rubbish.

Great performances but just dull.

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Obviously he becomes a lot more sympathetic and nuanced as a character but it’s not like he changes fundamentally - he just grows up. I think Pete’s character development is brilliantly written.


Really enjoyed it, though it felt really ponderous at times.

Two things always stuck with me:

  1. The whole episode where they decided to start their own firm, and the whole heist-like approach to it

  2. A random scene in a random episode where the family had a picnic by the side of the road and just drove off leaving a mass of rubbish behind without a second thought

Gonna go with a 4/5.



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Also this


Tried it, got through an episode and a half before getting bored. Very beautiful from a style perspective but otherwise there was nothing there I could get into. 2/5

Think Mad Men is my second favourite TV show of all time so this was an easy 5 for me.

So much of it I’ve forgotten now and I really need a re watch.

I loved the ending.


The early episodes in particular have some great scenes that seem throwaway that just depict brilliantly changing attitudes - there’s a scene where Sally has a dry cleaning bag over her head and Betty reacts angrily, you assume because of the danger, but she’s just worried Sally will have creased her dress.

Edit: there’s a lot in MM which is essentially about the adults being too young for the responsibilities they have, projecting and playing at being grown ups and this links into the toxic/damaged masculinity of the war vet generations.

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always takes me a couple of swings to pronounce her name. keep wanting to say anne rynd.

easy 5.
Third best TV show of all time

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absolutely this. no idea why that scene in particular stands out so much.