📺 How Good Was it Really?: Mad Men 📺

Sally was fine - I think that final montage illustrates that.

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Or when Roger gets absolutely hammered and still drives back from Don’s house. Don’s only concern is that he tries to get into the wrong car when he’s leaving the house.

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Really enjoy Harry Crane becoming a total shit as the series progresses as well.


2.5 / 5

never got much out of it. was entertaining enough to keep watching and all the suits etc were nice but it never really did anything for me


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Stylistically, one of the most beatiful shows there is. I couldn’t watch it without wanting to flare up a Lucky Strike and consume a glass of bourbon.

Got halfway through season 2 and simply stopped. I didn’t care for any of the characters at all, I couldn’t find anything redeeming about any of them. Perhaps that’s what the show was trying to portray, I don’t know.


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A weird one where I absolutely loved it, glad I watched it and have started a rewatch … but there was also a 4 episode stretch in season 4 or 5 that u made myself watch all in a row because I was HATING it at the time. Not to put anyone off, I just think the dips are more boring (not actively bad though) than some other all time great shows - but the rest of it more than makes up for that.

Basically there’s gonna be a bunch of times where you’re bored of Don sleeping with new women - he’s bored too and the show is bored of him. But Peggy and Ginsberg and Sally and everything else more than balances it out, and Don has some really really great storylines in the later seasons.

I think it’s in a big beautiful park isn’t it?

Amazing scene anyway

Its really good.
At my old work half of the members of my team inc the boss announced they were starting their own breakaway company and i was like wow this is just like mad men


Good when peggy stabs her boyfriend with that knife on a stick

Me and my partner will occasionally reference the chip ‘n’ dip, god damn Pete.

I have just started Season 5 and interested to see where it goes. I really like the short story aspect of it, and the slowness of it when it works. I agree there are stretches of tedium, but generally I feel invested in the lives of the characters and the social changes. Also, I love that there are so many odd images in my head I can call upon (Betty shooting the gun in the air, the lawnmower incident, Roger vomiting after running up the stairs) that make me laugh.


Thoughts on the last few seasons? I think the end of season 6 would have made for a great finale, was pretty much the perfect moment for Don to have with his kids. I enjoyed a lot of what season 7 did though so I’m not mad at it, just preferred 6 as an actual ending.

Was really not that happy about Betty’s cancer, seemed pretty out of left field and just meant they could deify this character that’s been very shitty (but interesting) for so long and not have to do anyhting better with her storyline. Also blerg at the waitress that randomly became super important in season 7 - my least favourite trope in proper dramas (see also BB Nazis)

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automatic 5. the mixture of yates-style social anxiety against a background of social upheaval, the exploration of identity and reality, the subtle but compelling critique of capitalism and social control…i think it actually edges out the sopranos tbh. remarkable work.


pete campbell is such a great character


Those are the three main ones for me too. Lots of more important ones I’m sure but those say a lot about those characters.

Not sure there’s been many shows where I’m so invested in so many characters tbh. I never think of it as a total fav of mine but when I count it up, there’s 10 or so people I was always genuinely glad to see on screen. Which is pretty damn amazing for any show that isn’t The Wire.


His fucking hairline development (or lack thereof I guess) over the years


“is he going bald?”

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Allison Brie is so much fucking fun as well


also went through a phase where i was annoying the mrs by saying, “hi. bob benson, accounts” and reaching out for a handshake.


developed a pathetic crush on alison brie because of mad men. oh my god how about this tho

some of the best cringe comedy i’ve ever seen is in mad men

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