📺 How Good Was it Really?: Mr. Bean 📺

First up, how did Lost do in the previous thread?

Show Rating
Breaking Bad 4.01
Fawlty Towers 3.89
The X-Files 3.19
Malcolm in the Middles 3.18
Only Fools and Horses 2.94
Lost 2.39
Goodnight Sweetheart 2.11

Straight into the relegation zone.

Today we will be talking about Mr. Bean, the worldwide hit starring Rowan Atkinson. How good was it really? Is it actually a bit offensive? Is it timeless? Lets find out.


* Arthur Batchelor, one of the Royal Navy captives held by Iran during the 2007 Iranian seizure of Royal Navy personnel, stated that some of his captors had mocked him calling him “Mr. Bean”.[53]

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  • 1 is bad. 5 is good.

If this isn’t the worst rated programme there is something wrong with this site.


I didn’t watch this at the time because why would you but have had to sit through it all with my then five year old. PAIN

Turkey on the head scene tho.

I feel like spoilering the league table in the OP hasn’t hidden Lost’s ranking as well as I’d hoped.

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Malcolm in the Middle is now the median and the closest to the mean.


Lost 2.39? Is this some kind of sick fucking joke?


I held a Pret door open for Rowan Atkinson and it is now my go-to anecdote that I use to impress asian people. Asian people can’t get enough Mr Bean and they freak out when they know I’ve ‘met’ him.

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The early episodes are still worth watching I think. I watch the first half of the Christmas episode every year - love the bits with the nativity and the Salvation Army, but never liked the turkey on the head in this or in Friends. You could probably distill all the good bits over the character’s lifetime into about 45 minutes though.

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Well I am shocked B-man. Good old Mr Bean is classic non offensive comedy that can be appreciated by all.

Am surprised quite how low Lost’s average is and how high Breaking Bad’s is

Coming soon!

Agent Dale Cooper Mr. Bean Pop vinyl!!

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The bit where he pops marmite on real twigs and serves them as twiglets is funny.

  • Mr Bean is an alien
  • Mr Bean is a human

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Wouldn’t ever watch it again, but there will be some solid moments of comedy in there (probably amongst a lot of tedious stuff). Can’t think of anything specific, mind you.

is Mr. Bean’s “he fell through the bar” scene


An image of Mr. Bean grinning mischievously has been used as an internet meme for highlighting sexual double entendres, usually accompanied by the statement “If you know what I mean.”

We’ve been doing it wrong…

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the one where he is hiding meat around the table in the restaurant :smiley:
and the tea in the hot water bottle :smiley:

the later the series went he turned a bit mean though :confused:

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  • I could do that thing where he puts swimming trunks on by swapping them with his pants and not removing his trousers
  • I could not do that thing where he puts swimming trunks on by swapping them with his pants and not removing his trousers

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