📺 How Good Was it Really?: Red Dwarf 📺

4/5. Easily my most watched programme ever, defined my sense of humour.
But… It has dated not so well and pretty much anything outside series 1-6 and 8 doesn’t need to exist.

Yes, I am the only person in the whole world who rates series 8. Crew back, new ship, rimmer and lister sharing a bunk, I think it works great.

hate those blackadder style long convoluted insults



Once as part of a random sales test I got given an invoice where the customer was Danny John Jules.


I really wanted to like it but really didn’t. Liked that episode where they go to the Wild West but the rest is just not funny. 2 because I didn’t actively hate it but I’d be happy to never watch it again.


Going to have some seriously hot takes when we do Blackadder.



Absolutely loved it as a wee teenager, discovered it after it had finished, loved all the extras on the DVDs, etc

Back to Earth (and VIII and especially VII) was absolute shit m8, but series X - XII are actually a well made joy fest.

I’ve never seen one before. No one has. But I’m guessing it’s a white hole.


You guitar is made of camphor wood? It must have been priceless!


We can’t take any chances. Jump up to Red Alert.

Are you absolutely sure Sir? It does mean changing the bulb.


That’s quoted so much here :smiley:

I think the new ones are inconsistent and a tad lifeless at times, but the main cast at least do seem to really love making it, which lifts even the weaker bits tbh

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This might be an excuse to dig out the photos from one of the signing things I went to when I was about 13 or 14 where I have the exact same goofy massive grin on every photo

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Where I also ended up doing improv comedy with one of the lone gunmen from the x files

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That was a good day




Like a bunch of others upthread, absolutely defining for me as a teenager. 5/5, assuming we’re ignoring everything after S6.

Giving it 5 based purely on the “VI was the last series grading” . If we included what came after it probably averages a 2?

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I was so into red dwarf at middle school I considered it part of who I was, I really worried what would have become of me in the alternate timeline had I chosen a different middle school and perhaps not encountered red dwarf. First two books were great too.

Probably cringe myself to death if I rewatched it now


Never understood the hype. Much like MP and Blackadder I’m afraid for me, just never really did it for me.

VIII was the last series of this I watched and it was definitely way better than how dreadful VII was. Like you say, some stuff really worked but I recall it being more like modern Doctor Who in that you’ll enjoy a couple of episodes and then Mark Gatiss writes something terrible to make you wonder if you even like the show. In Red Dwarf VIII I seem to recall some utterly facile stuff around dinosaurs…

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You’ve reminded me, I seem to remember one of the reasons Rob Grant cited for giving up was going to conventions and being approached by fans so young he realised they couldn’t possibly have actually been old enough to get the jokes properly when the first started watching or something. It still seems a really weird thing but I guess maybe he was having a sort of mid-life crisis in his 40s and this seemed to matter to him.