📺 How Good Was it Really?: Red Dwarf 📺

Loved it as a kid. Saw a newer episode recently and it was awful. Watched a few of the earlier ones again recently and it was awful. Gave it a 2. Maybe a bit harsh as I did watch it to death when I was younger.

Nah, I think the soul of ‘How Good Was It Really’ is to reassess rather than to be nostalgic.

Good point. I’ll stick with 2 then as it really is bad.

A white hole?


I think this might have been the last good episode


Smoke me a kipper I’ll be back for breakfast :sunglasses:


You see I’m fine with the whole dinosaur thing. There was plenty of, imo, equally puerile plots in the classic episodes. It seemed to fit the show for me, even if the cgi was a bit wank

I think it’s just one of those weird subtle things that I couldn’t explain, but for me Series VII and VIII consistently felt like bad kids’ ideas of how to do this sort of comedy while I-VI managed to handle the ridiculous stuff with a certain subtlety.

Kind of like how if you tried to explain to someone why Star Wars Episodes I, II and III were drek for kids while IV, V and VI were also fun for adults to watch you would spend hours but if you showed someone 15 minutes of each they’d immediately get it.


Yeah, I’m well aware I’m in the minority with my views on VIII. For years I assumed everyone else loved it.


Oh damn. A few Fast Show style coat-gettings?

I read Incompetence by Grant years back and it started out really funny and then gets progressively nastier and more angry as it goes along. He doesn’t seem like a very happy guy, though hopefully he’s mellowed out over the years.

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I think he must have done? He does a commentary with Naylor and another guy (?) on the original S1 DVD SE release and they all seemed very relaxed and not at all aggro with each other.

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I’m also giving it 5 purely for the early run and fueled largely by nostalgia. I remember being off work sick one day as a kid and my dad didn’t know what to do with me so he sat me in front of BBC 2’s Thursday night comedy thing with Red Dwarf and Bottom that he’d taped the night before. I remember vividly watching the curry monster episode and thinking it was the greatest thing ever. He started taping them both for me every week and picked up the videos of the earlier series and that’s pretty much where my entire sense of humour developed (with some added Blackadder). Lord knows what I’d have turned out like without those shows.


That’s good to hear. There were bits in Incompetence which were a bit unsettling tbh. Nothing problematic just so very angry.

A white hole?


Hated Red Dwarf. Unfortunately my best friend when I was 11 (let’s call him PHIL) was a huuuuge Red Dwarf fan and so that meant whenever I went round to his house we had to watch Red Dwarf over and over. He had all the videos and books and a bomber jacket with the logo embroidered on the back that he kept in his wardrobe and never wore for fear of it getting dirty. He’d even put together a Red Dwarf encyclopedia (called the Smegopedia) on his PC, which was kind of like a website but not online because this was before normal people had the internet. He used to make me look at it and I’d pretend to be impressed.

There was another boy in our friendship group (let’s call him ANDY) who was also into Red Dwarf and they used to have Red Dwarf-offs in the form room to see who was the biggest Red Dwarf fan. This all came to a head when the local comic shop got some back issues of the extremely rare (citation needed) official Red Dwarf magazine (called the Smegazine) and Phil couldn’t afford to buy them but Andy got a loan off his mum and went and splashed £100 on the lot.

This caused a major rift, which Andy tried to heal by inviting Phil round to look at his Smegazines, but this only worsened the situation as Phil decided that Andy wasn’t caring for the magazines carefully enough and had allowed them to become dog-eared, proving once and for all that Andy was not the biggest Red Dwarf fan and that Phil was the only right and pure Red Dwarf fan.

Then series seven aired and it was utter shit so that put an end to all of that. Theme tune is a banger though.


Enjoyed this



Yeah I mean I’m Team Phil even though he once subjected me to a 30 minute unscripted thinkpiece on why Chris Barrie is the greatest actor of his generation


4/5 from me m27. Absolutely loved this show in my early teens.

Completely fell off a cliff but when it was good it was good.

Goddamn I fancied Chloe Annett!

This thread inspired me to watch an episode from Season X and whilst not the height of comedy is still a fun watch