📺 How Good Was it Really: Sex and the City 📺

It was a close shave for I’m Alan Partridge at the top of the rankings…

Show Rating
I’m Alan Partridge 4.79
The Wire 4.75
Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers 4.75
The Sopranos 4.57
Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave 4.41
Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out 4.25
Seinfeld 4.09
The Office UK 4.07
Breaking Bad 4.01
Futurama 3.97
Friday Night Lights 3.89
Fawlty Towers 3.89
Knowing Me, Knowing You 3.84
Six Feet Under 3.83
Mid Morning Matters 3.8
The League of Gentlemen 3.64
This Life 3.6
Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death 3.56
The Office US 3.48
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3.45
The X-Files 3.19
Malcolm in the Middle 3.18
Gilmore Girls 3.09
Psychoville 3.01
Mr. Bean 2.94
Only Fools and Horses 2.94
The Mighty Boosh 2.73
The Big Breakfast 2.66
Angel 2.55
Skins 2.46
Lost 2.39
Goodnight Sweetheart 2.11
Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy 1.63
Miranda 1.49

Today… Sex and the City!

Never really watched it so I’ll stay out of this one, but enjoy your thread.

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Favourite character?

  • Carrie
  • Samantha
  • Charlotte
  • Miranda

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Not watched since going through all the seasons with the TV in 2007/2008 so no idea how well it will have aged but really enjoyed it at the time. Obviously has some lulls like most shows of that length but felt pretty invested in most of the characters and relationships. 4 for me.

Never really watched it. My ol housenate was obsessed with it though. ?/5

I’m going to sya it right now - this is easily one of the most “of its time” shows there is. We have reality shows talking about sex in the way Sex in the City did, and there was nothing like on telly.

It isn’t shit, in the end, but tainted by terrible Flanderisation of the characters and those dreadful capitalism-as-religion movies, but it was in those first seasons trailblazing.

A 3 if there ever was one.



Petiton to put wrong trousers above The Wire in the rankings

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really annoyed the forum software doesn’t go to three decimal places

^ that’s one of the lamest sentences ever, god I’m such a gimp


I’ve never watched an episode of Sex and the City.

tbh I’m just gonna mute the thread cause I’m not interested in what a group of mostly straight cis men think


Haha, this is an evergreen post for any topic on this thread on any day :wink:

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don’t, I think there’s a good chance that those who aren’t cis and white and male will be able to have a good discussion about it.

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I’m rooting for Berger buddy


Really enjoy[ed] watching it with my partner, however a lot of the jokes are very uncomfortable (lots of homophobia. Carrie is horrible)

I’m a Miranda

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My then girlfriend wrote her uni thesis on sex and the city, sex, fashion, and the interplay of that, and it was an awesome experience seeing her battle her lecturers about the merits of it. Absolutely brilliant.


We can all agree Petrovsky is the worst though right


Pure fucking shite, perpetuated horrible attitudes towards women by women, 1/5


Watched it through a couple of years ago with my wife. Thought it was alright, I’m very aware that it’s not intended for me so I’ve voted and will just spectate on this one.

No shade, but what about it is not intended for you?