📺 How Good Was it Really: Sex and the City 📺

Also… Is this why Chris Noth (Big) was written out?

CW: Sexual assault

Only unspoiler this if you want to know already, but he doesn’t appear in any more episodes and part of the reason he was written out so half-heartedly was that he’d planned to, but his health took a turn for the worse so wasn’t able to in the end. Quite sad actually, considering how big a character he’d been throughout. This explains it better.

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Thanks for sharing that article. Really tragic.

how do they write Samantha out, im curious but not enough to watch

They said she just moved to London and stopped talking to the girls

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Weird episode.

The whole getting fingerbanged while your incapacitated friend pisses the bed a few metres away was quite eyebrow raising

So bizarre. Not sure why Carrie didn’t just tell Miranda louder, especially when she could see what was going on in the mirror.

I just feel like Miranda is doing too much. Your storyline can’t be ALL the things.


The guilty feminist podcast on each episode is v good

Latest ep breakdown

This week was a good episode, in my opinion. More bantering from the gals, and Carrie’s apartment beeping was a good bit. Finding their forced diversity thing weird though, would a life long New Yorker really have no idea about Diwali?

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I definitely enjoyed this one more than others as it felt very classic SATC! Carrie at the window! Writing! Ahhh I feel safe now.

The shoehorning of modern day things is a bit exhausting though. IF YOU WERE A TV SHOW, ID BE STREAMING YOU. Mansplaining!!

And also they’ve really done Steve a dirty. He’s just an old confused deaf man now. Steve used to be a sexy kind of guy, didn’t he??!!

I was not happy about the vomiting and I could totally leave Miranda’s storyline although her and Steve in the kitchen MADE ME WANT TO DIE


WHY HAS STEVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO HAVE SEX??? I don’t think fingering is particularly advanced?? And yeah, he was initially like her sexy bit of rough that she couldn’t see having a relationship with. Really bizarre.

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