📺 How Good Was it Really?: Spongebob Squarepants 📺

Quite good song.

abstention is for cowards

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Im scared that Joke is going to meltdown in this thread.

My brother was into it and I absolutely despised it. Do not feel compelled to re-evaluate. 1/5 (think that’s the first 1/5 I’ve given on any of these threads)

Edit: actually I think I gave one to a show in the top 20 ages ago

Can’t shake the feeling that this meme is ableist, tbh.

Never watched it as a kid because I was slightly too old for it (and it was on Sky, right? So I couldn’t have watched it anyway), and I’m certainly not going to go give a try now, feel confident in saying that it’s only so popular with younger millennials because of nostalgia and that it’s actually pretty shit, or at least, nothing special.

Never saw the appeal, was probably too old for it

Yesss i have a lot to say about cartoon network :heart_eyes:


Nah, the first few series are smart and funny as hell


you’re spot on tbf

ffs. That’s the first time I’ve used that meme and the first time I’ve seen that argument against it.

(I’ve never seen it as ablist, more just a dig at honking, braying types saying stupid things)

I went through a long phase of pretending to hate it because my brother is so obsessed with it but it’s actually really good. My favourite episode is the band geeks episode.


Shit, it is isn’t it?
Feel like a right nobend for having not seen it before

I have won the thread. I have won the SpongeBob thread.

What a day.


Never really watched it but seems like it’s probably a 5/5


That’s how I always saw it but as soon as it was pointed out… yeah… it’s really obvious and I feel like an insensitive buffoon.

Never seen a second of it

I’ve always read it as the sing songy copycat voice you do when you’re trying to wind someone up.

Stop copying me!

sToP cOpYiNg Me!


The voice maybe, it’s the rest of it that looks off to me.

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Lets try and get this back on track

Spongebob, is he a good lad?

  • very good lad
  • quite a good lad

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