📺 How Good Was it Really?: Star Trek 📺

Never got on with DS9, thought it was just “Full House” in space.
Too many bloody morality lessons

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Who is that? Charlie from busted?

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Yeah I liked it alot, liked what they’ve done with the Klingons, made the origins of their martial society more of a spiritual thing.

They lost me after the flipped the script after about 8 episodes though, everything became this parallel universe for no reason whatsoever. Stopped watching after this

Mirror Universe?
That tends to be great fun!

wrong pic

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I just remembered a username on the AV Club from a few years ago which used to make me chuckle: Holodeck Jizzmopper


just checked and its ep 10, written by Jonathan Frakes!

I can’t see how they would, seeing as the Federation is not just Big Government but literally the biggest government possible. Though I’m sure they somehow find a way.

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Good to see even Spock struggles with the Vulcan hand sign sometimes.

Absolutely person defining tv for me. Watched TOS repeats as a nipper when it was stuck on at 6pm and I loved it. It and Star War got me into Sci-Fi.

Has some of it aged badly? I guess, but most things have. TNG hit it’s stride in season 3,same for DS9 which is the best Trek (I will fight you all!). Hell, even Enterprise becomes pretty good half way through season 3 and if the internet hadn’t been around to murder it, would have been on it’s way to being top tier Trek.
Fuck the Space Nazi stuff though. WTF!!?

Voyager was the worst. Great premise let down in every way apart from 7 of 9’s catsuit.
Fuck Nelix but most importantly, fuck Harry Kim.
He was the worst.


I’ve been rewatching Voyager with her indoors lately and I’m enjoying it a lot more than I did when it was originally running. Probably something to do with diminished expectations. I reckon it’s my third favourite Trek (I never got on with DS9 - if they’re not boldly going anywhere is it even a Star Trek?)

But Harry Kim is 100% the worst.


DS9 is more about the soul of the Federation.
It’s so so, with some good world building for the first 3 seasons but once the Klingons arrive it becomes outstanding.

If you can watch Tuvix I’m sure you can get through some DS9 :grinning:

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I’ve enjoyed watching ‘Discovery’ but I think I want to go back and watch an older series. Maybe ‘TNG’.

It all looks terrible though, doesn’t it

Just wait for ‘Picard’ to be released.

Pleased to announced that Skins is out of the relegation zone.

Rank Show Rating
1 The Wire 4.75
2 The Sopranos 4.57
3 Deadwood 4.43
4 Twin Peaks 4.32
5 Mad Men 4.25
6 Generation Kill 4.06
7 Breaking Bad 4.01
8 Show Me a Hero 4
9 Friday Night Lights 3.89
10 Twin Peaks: The Return 3.89
11 The Corner 3.85
12 Six Feet Under 3.83
13 Homicide: Life on the Street 3.68
14 Star Trek: The Next Generation 3.63
15 This Life 3.6
16 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3.45
17 Veronica Mars 3.33
18 Pride and Prejudice 3.3
19 Treme 3.22
20 The X-Files 3.19
21 Star Trek: The Original Series 3.16
22 Gilmore Girls 3.09
23 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 2.95
24 Sex and the City 2.59
25 Angel 2.55
26 Skins 2.46
R Lost 2.39
R Star Trek: Voyager 2.37
R Star Trek: Enterprise 2.06

Very happy with these results

Threatening a 1/5 just for causing this

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