📺 How Good Was it Really: The Mighty Boosh 📺

Never realised they did open air shows :exploding_head:

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Rapidly diminishing returns feels like a good way to sum things up.


also found it uncomfortable in how they didn’t include any jokes in that episode

except the bit where he pisses out of his eight dicks, which was quite good

I actually like Noel Fielding

  • Yeah he’s alright really
  • No

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A bad show


Some people have never drunk Baileys from a shoe and it shows.


I’d only seen about 4 episodes but I guess that’s enough to rate it?


Seeing The Hitcher (he basically just called people slags for 20 minutes) support Razorlight at Ally Pally was easily the most mid noughties thing I ever did.


Ok phew. I gave it a 2.

That’s the gig I went to after my friend bought us all tickets and said we had to go which meant we had to travel 200 miles and rent a dilapidated hotel room. Seething.

Really wanted to like it, lots of friends liked it, really seemed like the kind of thing I would love, but maaaaaaan I did not like it

Indie points here, but I’m going to say that I preferred the live shows before the TV show, and then each series got slightly worse than the one before.

and the radio show?

The radio show is definitely the best thing they’ve done


Another vote for “liked it at the time but I bet it has aged horribly”

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I completely missed that when it was on and have never heard it.

Radio show was definitely the best.

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Liked it aged 14, now won’t watch it because of the transphobic Old Gregg episode

The Tundra radio episode is the high point, so good