📺 How Good Was it Really: The Mighty Boosh 📺

Can’t wait to vote for a 5 for ‘Darkplace’.


Loved it at the time. Haven’t watched (or even thought about it) for years. Round helping a mate move tonight and what do you know!


I like my comedy silly.

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Has some of the worst acting of all time.

Or maybe that was on purpose not sure.

Noel must have insisted that his brother get a part on the show.

Bit surprised by this thread. I must be the only person who likes it more now than when it first came out.

somehow missed this thread at the time - just want to say having not watched it for years i recently listened to the original radio series and really enjoyed it.

would maybe still enjoy the first TV series. from memory it probably jumped the shark a bit in the second series trying to be too trendy and NME but i enjoyed it at the time. third series was rubbish and i’m sure still is.

a difficult balance for me - really really like Julian Barratt and think Howard Moon is a really good sitcom character, but really really dislike Noel Fielding, who basically plays himself.


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“You will take with you…Tony Harrison.”


Hello meths

“He has a gift for strategy.”

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I enjoyed it at the time and Naboo works as a barista where I work. Makes a decent cuppa.

Not sure I could watch it now without cringing my knackers off.

It was good enough to create a market for the badges I sold on eBay during peak Boosh.

£££ out of 5

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