📺 How Good Was it Really: The Sopranos 📺

Bearing in mind that the TV would insist on rewatching with me, this is not gonna happen. Lonely single me however would have nailed it :woman_shrugging:



just started season 3 – the sheer confidence of the music editing in s3 e1 oh maaaan

also CGI Livia was weird

Is this the Peter Gunn/Every Breath You Take medley?

If so – yes.

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Brave move of them to only use it 16 times in the episode too.


proto-Ted Lasso

New trailer for the prequel

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I hope that last bit doesn’t mean there’s going to be loads of nudge/wink stuff to the audience

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Keep coming back to this

Hadn’t realised Corey Stoll was playing Junior, very happy about this

good grief




Reckon sharing this even ironically is a prison offence.


Hobbit Paulie has fkn done me once again

Watched the episode “University” last night, and was compelled to look a bit further into it because it felt like such a strange, uniquely unsettling episode. Apparently, it prompted quite a few people to cancel their HBO subscriptions.

Felt very much like Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, to an extent - honing in at the ugliness that’s always been a part of the main series’ themes but that is rarely treated so bluntly.

I think Chase has a kind of disdain for humanity in general which comes through crystal clear sometimes. In that episode in particular there’s a few times where it feels like he’s looking you in the eye and saying ‘I’m going to make you watch this, because I don’t like you.’


Have similar feelings regarding the Melfi rape scene. I think it was unnecessarily cruel on the character and the audience to actually show it, but I’ve seen numerous sexual assault survivors say they much prefer such scenes being unsanitised so what do I know.

There’s also the occasional desire to force you to actually see the characters who’s exploits you’ve been enjoying. The moments of “actually, these guys are genuinely atrocious”. Paulie strangling his mother’s friend springs to mind too.


Season 3 has been my favourite so far

Also… Aphex Twin for the closing credits yeeesss

Properly chilling use of that track as well. I think when a lot of high end TV can feel very sort of affected with their needle drops, I’m really impressed with how thoughtful the Sopranos seems to be with every last bit of music they choose

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