📺 How Good Was it Really: The Sopranos 📺

Can’t stop laughing at this now…it’s the way the scene plays out like Tony is being sensitive and caring, perfect build-up.

The Sopranos:

  • Predominantly a comedy
  • Predominantly a crime drama
  • A mix of the sacred and the propane

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They do that loads, the mafia lads completely shitting on ordinary people and ruining their lives while pretending to be doing them a favour, and it never stops being funny

Tony’s mate with the sports store, Tony and the gardener, Chris and the screenwriter all come to mind


I think people are often surprised by how funny it is because it’s talked about in such serious, august terms. Also comedies tend to be looked down on culturally. It’s one of the funniest shows that’s ever been on television


The comedy is the main reason it’s better than The Wire (which is still a solidly funny show in its own rights)

Also the lack of comedy was the main issue with all the post-2010 uber serious HBO shows/HBO knockoffs. All the darkness with none of the light


Hesh’s reaction here (Hesh through the whole wake was priceless)


how the actors keep a straight face in some of these scenes…


Got two episodes to go

What a show this has been. Real sense of horror and dread and genuine melancholy in this last season as well - even while staying really funny. Hits grim finality like nothing else, Twin Peaks: The Return gets it too


It manages to eke out so much unspoken tension in an episode where Paulie repeatedly goes “heh heh” and laughs like a maniac at a sitcom


Better than the film imho tbh tbf…


The episode where Tony kills Christopher is one I always think of when I think of the collapse of the American Empire. Just all those shots of Tony wandering around Vegas aimlessly, looking for something in amongst those halls of excess that’s gone forever, while he can’t even be bothered to keep the wheels spinning on the petty scams he’s still got going on.


Ive been thinking about that episode ever since I watched it. Really effecting.

Have watched the finale. Chills.

So according to this thread, I would have started season 1 around April / May 2021 and finished the whole series February 2022. I very much recommend taking TV serieses slow like this - it’s really lived in my brain over the course of the year.

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Not really that slow is it? Some of us took eight years to watch it the first time round!


Tbf to manches I watched it in a month last February so he has shown some monumental restraint here

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Just started this. Three episodes in.

Got series one to four on DVD for 25p each in the charity shop.

As if Tony’s mum is only 70, she looks about 90.



Wow the oral sex storyline with Uncle Junior. Had to Google whether the mob really looked down on it that much!

Seriously, such a fucked up mentality.

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