📺 How Good Was it Really?: The West Wing 📺

Martin sheen might do the most believable angry acting.


martin sheen is legit great isn’t he, don’t think i’ve ever seen him give a bad performance. and he was a thot as a young lad


Watched it all in a few weeks after leaving uni and fell in love with it, super smart whipcrack scripts, a great cast, lots of fun “policy of the week” set-ups and big overarching themes.

However in retrospect, it has brainscarred almost as many people as Harry Potter and for that reason must be purged from the record.

Still have to give it a four because for a while there I wanted to be Sam Seabourne.


i don’t actually know what a thot is i just see it used to describe attractives

That Ho Over There

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i go back and forth on things like this, i mean it is hard to divorce cultural products from subsequent societal changes/fanbase attitudes, etc, but i think if you enjoy something without being a bellend you shouldn’t have to worry people will lump you in with the brainscarred types (altho that will happen). it’s a shame things are so dumb atm.

Really hard to decide between 3 and 4 TBH.

Once would have been 4 or 5 but it feels like time has made it seem too out of touch

Yeah that’s fair.

Tbh the mark off is for the lameness of the final season, I appreciate their plans were shaken up for the reason Steved mentioned, and they literally changed the entire outcome on the fly, but it felt silly, even if they did retrospectively get to claim they predicted Obama.

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I don’t think it’s fair to expect a show about contemporary political events to age particularly well tbh. It is very much of its time - but how could it not be?


Well-executed, but unbearably smug

Don’t know if it predicted Obama - it certainly didn’t predict years of Republican shithousery or Trump

But it definitely did predict #fbpe, in attitude, politics and walking around in circles using long words smugly

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Gave it a 4 Two Cathedrals is still one of the best tv episodes of all time and I am struggling to think of any other show that has an episode I can name the title of.

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Sports Night was Sorkin’s best btw.


love it

I’m giving it a 1/5 then

Best character?

Probably CJ for me.

I loved Sam but he was so fucking heroic it got a bit much.

Josh was a bit annoying.

Could never make my mind up about Toby, but I think they did him dirty in the end.

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Toby for me. I totally wanted to be Toby. Sure, I was already a seething, balding, bearded wreck of a man at the time but Toby was at least a seething, balding, bearded wreck of a man with a great job and a sense of purpose.

And yeah,the end of his arc was all wrong. A sad ending where he crashes and burns in some misguided moral crusade sort of felt right but they put him in a position where there was no justifying his actions, which felt out of character. Such a shame.

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It was all because of some behind the scenes bullshit, right? Contract disputes or something so they essentially wrote him out in an uncharacteristic way.

Not seen it but I think I’d prefer Ally McBeal for fast talking shows. I used to really love it. Makes me feel warm now even though I barely remember it. It would probably make a good HGATR but I dunno if anybody really remembers any of Ally McBeal. See also Scrubs.

Remember the Stackhouse Filibuster episode? That was a weird one

3/5 for the beautifully delivered dialogue and the fit lighting

I’m not entirely sure tbh - I dropped off with The West Wing Weekly but I’m going to have to get back into in when they discuss that plotline. I know Richard Schiff was pretty miffed about it all.