📺 How Good was it Really?: The Wire 📺

On my 3000th (might be hyperbole) rewatch and there’s something in season 2 that annoys the shit out of me. It’s Nick Sobotka’s room in his parents basement. In particular, the posters in. There are posters for Disturbed, Static X, The Used, Seether. All very nu metal. And then there’s a Guided By Voices poster. Why? Out of all the bands posters they could, why is a GBVs poster with those ones?? I know it’s stupid and shouldn’t bug me, but it does :grin:


Started watching We Own This City

Shows I have watched The Wire way too much that I am pretty convinced where the initial raid by the police takes place in episode one is where Snoop & Chris are pulled over by Herc and he puts the nail into the ground

Shit Marlo’s a cop and Poot I forsee this being a problem going along going off the trailer as well.

Slim Charles!

Season 5 is great


It’s the worst Season of The Wire but it’s better than the best season of the loads of other shows.


god i love season 2 so much


Now Dukie’s turned up as a cop with a beard

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I’ve only watched 1 episode so far.

Thought the monologue at the start was a little too “on the nose” but I guess that’s to be expected with David Simon at this point.

Was gradually enjoying it more and more as the episode went along and when you had the scene near the end when it transpired the cops were the guys who had ripped off Anderson I was fully in!

first ep is quite confusing (definitely on purpose) - having watched 4 eps now i’m gonna rewatch episode one cos the structure makes way more sense after a few more episodes

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Finished this yesterday. What @fitzcarraldo says about things being too on the nose is true and carries on for the whole thing. It’s too much imo.


The investigation from the department of justice doesn’t seem necessary to me. It’s purpose I guess is to comment on how bad everything is and the shortcomings of policing (though you can see all this from everything that’s happening everywhere else?) In the wire you’ve got Hamsterdam and Dennis’ boxing gym so yiu get to see alternative approaches with stories and characters and motivations and stuff that highlight things that could work. But in this it’s the department of justice lady talking to somebody and then moving on to someone else and talking to another person who also says that the policing isn’t working. So it’s just people being interviewed and explaining things. :man_shrugging: I think it’s a bad approach.

Josh Charles character doesn’t get enough time. Same with those two drug police who turn up every now and then but don’t feel very connected to the rest of the show.

A lot of scenes of fbi interviews. But I’d rather loads of them were cut out.

There’s still loads of good stuff but it needs more time to cover things in a satisfying way.

Could probably have made a season for josh charles and the gun task force and another for the two guys chasing drugs and how that’s connected to the corruption. Or maybe a full season would work but 6 episodes isn’t enough.

Will rewatch at some point though in case I’m wrong

Anyone listening to The Wire At 20 podcast? Hosted by Method Man and has brief little interview clips from a load of people who worked on the show. Really good listen so far.

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Thanks for the heads up


Yeah cheers @paulo I’ve really been enjoying it. Quite sad to see it’s only 8 episodes. I was hoping for 5 times as many.

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I agree with this - i’ve been really enjoying it since episode 3 but the first couple were hard to keep up with. Now it’s like, if they had said that at the beginning then i wouldn’t be confused (and my other half would probably still be watching!)

Only skim read your spolier @LilWoodyToodelly but isn’t the DoJ investigation actually what happened after the Freddie Gray killing?

Sounds like next weeks episode of The Wire At 20 is a tribute to Michael K Williams. Sure to be an emotional one.

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Going through a watch through for the billionth time. Think season 2 might be my favourite


Onto season 3 I’ve only just noticed after 15 ish years Clarence Clemons is in it.


Yeah it’s a sneaky but great cameo

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2 > 4 > 1 > 3 > 5

And that’s a fucking factamundo.


I’d argue swap 3 and 1 round.

No you wouldn’t.