📺 How Good was it Really?: The Wire 📺

Yes I would

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2, 1, 3, 4, 5 for me. Although 1 and 3 change all the time.

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Ah shit. RIP Valchek.


Another one gone. RIP Lance Reddick


awful, a week before John Wick 4 comes out as well which is being hailed in some circles as a bit of an action masterpiece

crazy to me that he was only in 4 episodes of Lost, I remember him so clearly from that show and then absolutely fucking loved him in the wire once i got round to that. awful news, what a legend.


He was great in Oz too.

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aww man :frowning:

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60 years old? What the fuck. Terrible news.


This is bullshit :frowning:


No age at all. Fuck this. RIP.

This has properly hit me for six. Remember 15 years ago me and my mates were absolutely obsessed with his bit-part role in LOST, discovering his lounge jazz album, then watching The Wire. Had a proper presence in everything he was in.

Somehow managed to set up an interview with him for my old tv site. Just seemed like a really warm, lovely man. Also incredibly fit and healthy so this has come as a real shock.


He was so low key ripped in The Wire too. Remember being properly shocked the first time he’s topless!

Was a class actor and 60 is no age. RIP


Fuck, man. That’s a blow. What a character.

Rewatched The Wire for the third time right through recently, and I’m just finishing a third rewatch of The Sopranos now. Kept dawning on me now and again how many of the cast of both have since passed away, and it always makes me a bit sad. Genuinely feel really attached to lots of these guys, the entertainment they’ve given me over the years has been massive.

Really sad. Him being so daft in this clip makes me think he was a good bloke:


it was the excitement about matthew abbadon in the lost thread at the time that got me interested in the wire. and then it aired on bbc shortly thereafter and that was that

Horrible news. Great actor and a great character.