📺 How Good was it Really?: The Wire 📺

You can smell the Jamisons and Listerine on your breath…

You want it to be one way (The Wire). But it’s the other way (Atlanta).

What is amazing is had people asked for top 4 then The Wire would have been number 4. But alas.

?? This is like one of the least true things you could say about the show

  1. Poddington Peas
  2. Sopranos
  3. Ross Kemp: Alive in Alaska
  4. Babes in the Wood
  5. The Wire

Yeah, I skipped over that part, but every politician is a Democrat and they are all different stages of corrupt to their rotten cores.

The message seems to be that “our institutions are so hopelessly corrupt that they will destroy any good within anyone who tries to change them and the war on drugs is this writ large”

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Oh for sure. That’s definitely what the character of Carcetti and basically anything to do with town hall was meant to show.

Paying attention to David Simon on Twitter over evaluating the show on its own merits is classic Too Online shit. Dump everything Iannucci has ever done in the bin while you’re at it


I dare say your house is made of glass sir! Put the stone down! Hehe.

hi I finally started this last night. I didn’t realise it was HBO which almost guarantees it’s quality alone.

I also didn’t realise it has this guy who goes sheeeeeeeeeiiiiit, amazing



Also the famous hand wobble gif

A meme machine!


Don’t forget it’s most famous gif…

The Wire Wtf GIF


I see you and I raise you a

disappointed the wire GIF


Point well made. I think the Weebay one is a little more well known. I have a friend who had never seen The Wire before and watched it for the first time last year. I had been badgering her for ages to watch it, but she never did. She then started watching it without telling me and planned to tell me once she’d finished the whole thing, but saw that scene and had to tell me :joy:

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always enjoy seeing a beloved gif in the wild - literally jumped up when I saw Predator for the first time and recognised this

arnold schwarzenegger predator GIF


Almost as good as hearing the source of a sample used in a hip hop song in the wild


In honour of @JaguarPirate’s new GBV thread, i’d like to bump this annoyance of mine haha. Have looked elsewhere online and there are posts on Twitter and Reddit saying it’s one of the least believable things on the show :grin:


missed the post and the poster - when I saw The Wire it might even have been before I liked GBV?? Amazing scenes

Uncle Frank loves GBV and took Nicky and Ziggy to see them when they were young. This is a momento of that treasured memory of their first gig


Hahaha I noticed this for the first time ever the other day and forgot to post about it.