How Good Was The Year (in music) - 1983?

Nominate album: Brian Eno - Apollo

Nominate tune: Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)


So many great songs when you dig into the year, don’t know what to nominate but as New Order have been mentioned a couple of times this is my favourite thing they released in 1983, it pops! The vid is a proper time capsule of a scene, they all look so cool, even Barney in his shorts


STILL don’t know what to nominate but here’s some bops to give the thread a bump

It’s so crisp!

A fun slab of Italo disco and a hit on the Chicago house scene, loved this since I got a tinny rip of it from some blog with a load of radio chatter over it

More Italo but this time with a Moroderesque chunkiness

A bludgeoning sugar rush of hi-NRG


Agreed, 1983 was THE year for italo.


There was lots of good stuff in 1983.

And there was also the stand-up Rodney Dangerfield ‘rapping’ his one-liners. The ‘what’s the matter, Rodney?’ line has been haunting me. As has Pat Benatar’s cameo in the video as the executioner.

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1983 was such a massive year for pop music of all genres

âll that in just the first 6 months of 1983 and we haven’t even mentioned Thriller or Madonna’s debut

insane year for pop music


Nominate Song:
The Birthday Party - Mutiny In Heaven


Nominate Track: The The - Giant


Nominate album: Minor Threat - Out Of Step


Recently discovered this Italo-disco gem by Kano. The vocals just get to me.

And this Helen track featured in a disco music league round in 2022 kick-started my love for the genre.


Picked up this Zazou/Bikaye/Cy1 collaborative album on a whim in 2018 while browsing records at a local shop that specializes is more obscure and experimental stuff. Didn’t know anything about the artists before hearing it, but really enjoyed it and it’s well-received when I put it on. Central African music & minimal synth.

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Wow, this is very cool

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From artists not yet mentioned.

Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized

Misfits - Death Comes Ripping

The Cure - The Walk

Pylon - Crazy

Bauhaus - She’s in Parties

Cabaret Voltaire - Just Fascination

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Silent Running

Sparks - All You Ever Think About Is Sex

Psychic TV - The Orchids

Dave Ball (feat. Genesis P. Orridge) - Man in the Man
Art direction by Mark Almond, featuring John Balance as the drummer

Jeff and Jane Hudson - Operating Instructions

100 Flowers - California’s Falling Into the Ocean

Slayer - Black Magic


Nominate album: Cyndi Lauper - She’s So Unusual

One of the all-time great debut albums, in my opinion. An impeccable pop record. Quintessentially 80s. The first six tracks are all massive, the last four go a bit weirder, still brilliant.

We’ve had Time After Time nominated in the songs poll, deservedly so. Her TOTP performance of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is one of my favourites (can’t find a decent quality version on YouTube that doesn’t have a little skip part way through unfortunately). And the album includes She Bop, her ode to masturbation, which got her included on the Parents Music Resource Center’s Filthy Fifteen list - deserves a nomination on that basis alone.


Nominate song: Daniel Johnston - Walking the Cow

I really don’t know how I came here
I really don’t know why I’m staying here

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the best year for the best music genre- boogie. i caught a nine piece fatback playing this with two keyboards last night, woooooooo…

nominate song- fatback band- i found lovin’

The Fatback Band - I Found Lovin’ (

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Nominate album: The The - Soul Mining

I first heard this in May 1990. We’d just gone on revision leave for GCSEs and a group of us got into the habit of piling over to my friend’s house every day for those few weeks. He was a big The The fan and lent me the cassettes of Soul Mining, Infected and Mind Bomb. I liked them all but I loved this one. I reckon Soul Mining would make it into my top 10 albums of all time.

Soul Mining was The The’s first album, although Matt Johnson had put out Burning Blue Soul in '81 under his own name (before it was rereleased as a The The album in the 90s) and there was an aborted effort from '82 called The Pornography of Despair. As a result, some of the tunes were reworked and Johnson had been in the music business for a little while by the time it was released. Maybe that’s why it sounds so accomplished as a debut.

It’s an absolute treasure trove and still sounds pretty fresh to me. The drums and bass are grounded in post-punk and are wildly inventive, the synths are bright and melodic and Matt’s lyrics and delivery are unique… he is both a brilliant and awful singer, every song is laden with metaphors and he bares his soul, but he’s relatable, as are his political views. Most of all, there is such a variety of ideas and so much dynamism here that I never get bored of it.

I loved Uncertain Smile, This is the Day and Perfect most at first, which I think a lot of people do, because they’re pretty immediate and fairly easy-going but, these days, it’s I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) and Giant I prefer …Tomorrow is, no two ways about it, proto-drum’n’bass… in the early '80s. @Octobadger’s song nomination Giant lives up to its name. It is a behemoth of a tune, almost 10 minutes, anchored by a simple but punchy drum machine and bass line. Johnson lays out his innermost fears as the layers of music build and build and the second half is an explosion of drums and percussion, featuring Zeke Manyika of Orange Juice… joined by chanting and ominous synths. It’s exhausting in a good way …and was my first ever round victory in Music League, thank-you chums!


I don’t think these have been mentioned yet…?

Public Image Ltd — (This Is Not a) Love Song

Frankie Goes to Hollywood — Two Tribes

Sisters of Mercy — Two Tribes

Talking Heads — Burning Down the House

Talk Talk — It’s My Life

Thompson Twins — Hold Me Now

Duran Duran — The Reflex

Siouxsie & the Banshees — Dear Prudence


I’m seeing double here - four tribes!