How Good Was The Year (in music) - 1992?

Party on, it’s 1992!

A reminder of the premise of the thread

Rate the music of the year out of ten, based on the albums, singles, gigs, whatever that stand out for you that year. Non-musical nostalgia is welcome in the thread but that’s beside the point of the poll.

Everyone may nominate one album and one song from the year which will then be collated into side-polls on the final day of the thread (in one week) - please make it clear when you post a nomination for the poll, e.g

Rank Year Rating Top Album Top Song
1 1997 8.60 Radiohead - OK Computer The Beta Band - Dry The Rain
2 1967 8.48 Love - Forever Changes Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning
3 2013 8.29 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
4 2019 8.14 Self Esteem - Compliments Please Big Thief - Not
5 2004 8.10 Madvillain - Madvillainy / Arcade Fire - Funeral The Walkmen - The Rat
6 2014 7.69 FKA Twigs - LP1 FKA Twigs - Two Weeks
7 1970 7.61 Neil Young - After the Goldrush Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up
8 1976 7.47 David Bowie - Station to Station Bob Dylan - Hurricane
9 1986 7.42 Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
10 2005 7.39 Sufjan Stevens - Illinois Amerie - 1 Thing
11 1965 7.38 The Beatles - Rubber Soul Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
12 2009 7.10 Fever Ray - Fever Ray Animal Collective - My Girls
13 1974 6.95 Neil Young - On The Beach Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - The Bottle
14 1985 6.53 Tom Waits - Rain Dogs Prince and the Revolution - Raspberry Beret

1992 was the year of the LA riots, the Michelangelo virus, John Gotti went to jail for life, Yugoslavia was broken up, Denmark (taking Yugoslavia’s place as a wild-card entry) won the 1992 football European Championship and George Bush and Boris Yeltsin declared a formal end to the cold war.

We said goodbye to Isaac Asimov, Marlene Dietrich, Benny Hill, John Cage and Anthony Perkins, and hello to Mo Salah, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Daisy Ridley and Neymar.

How good was the music? Going to let this one run a little longer than usual to allow us to get back on an intended weekly timeline of polls going live on a Sunday evening with voting concluding Tuesday - one each from your album and song nominations and a number poll for your overall rating for the year out of 10. So you have until Sunday 10th April to nominate.

Some lists for inspiration:
Best Albums of 1992 : Best Ever Albums
100 Greatest Albums of 1992
NME's best albums and tracks of 1992
100 Greatest Songs From 1992

Nominations will be tallied here as the week goes on:

Album Nominations

Song Nominations


Here’s one you might remember:


And nominate track The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode

Over to you.


Somewhat surprisingly not a great year for me, but one album stands a 1000 heads above the others making it an incredibly easy choice

Nominate album: Pavement - Slanted and Enchanted

I’ve also got a lotta love for the Cure – Wish, It’s certainly one of the first albums which I found an loved for myself rather than being a hand me down band from my brother. Although I find some of the more poppy songs hard to digest these days, tracks like Open / From The Edge Of The Deep Green and To Wish Impossible Things actually make this album the cure one I would most likely return to.

and need to give a shout out to The Pharcyde

Track wise I normally try to go for something different to the album, but sod it nominate track

Pavement – Here


This is an exceedingly difficult year to pick one album
& one song

Like, impossible


Nominate album: The Lemonheads - It’s A Shame About Ray

Nominate track: R.E.M - Nightswimming


I agree, but on the flipside I think I already know which three albums I will end up voting for. But I’m looking forward to re-listening to a whole lot more!

Nominate Album: The Beastie Boys - Check Your Head

(It’s their best album, sorry.)


Nominate album: Shakespears Sister - Hormonally Yours

A sublime pop record. Shakespears Sister used to be a guilty pleasure, now they’re just a pleasure.


Nominate album: Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes


Nominate song: Utah Saints - Something Good

The bangiest banger that ever did bang.


nominate song: pete rock & cl smooth - t.r.o.y.


Album nomination:


Song nomination:

download (2)

You’re tayyyking me ovahhhh, ahhhhhhhhh-hhhhhhhh. Released week I was born.

Easiest year yet to nominate - my favourite album (/EP) and my favourite ever 2 songs were both released in this year. Young and Insane by Magnetic Fields is actually my favourite but that’s kinda covered in album:

Also the first proper Britpop song released:

Not as good as 93-95 or possibly the years after but it’s a pretty decent year you know.

Also a great year for human releases :wave: :princess:


Solid year. ‘91 sucked right? But 92 is good,

Feels like the first year where I was in touch with music enough to like stuff in the year that was in line with my general music tastes and the sort of music I’d listen to over the next few years.

Having said that here are a few albums I listened to a lot at the time that I wouldn’t bother with now - more points in time and broadening of horizons albums than keepers for me:

Sugar - Copper Blue big shared album with my 6th form gf
Babes in Toyland - Fontanelle
The Cure - Wish
Nick Cave - Henry’s Dream
Morrissey - Your Arsenal (last time I bothered but I did like this at the time)
The Orb - UF Orb
Lou Reed - Magic & Loss
L7 - Bricks are Heavy
Jesus & Mary Chain - Honey’s Dead
Dinosaur Jr - Where You Been

Lots of keepers that I’ll give a bit more thought to.

Think this is going to be peak me not liking the big chart singles.


Absolutely bonkers year.


No. That was crazy as well


Oh no I’m thinking of 90.

And that probably didn’t suck either, just will be my lack of knowledge.

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Yeah - I’d always thought that the 90s got off to a slow start and '91 was where it all kicked off (which is kind of true), but there was actually some pretty great stuff in 1990 as well

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