How Good Was The Year (in music) - 1999?

Nominate Song: Built to Spill - “You Were Right”
I normally avoid nominating a song from my nominate album but when it’s something like this I have a hard time not doing so.


So torn on what song to nominate. I guess when in doubt, go for the 18 minute one by a band that doesn’t do 18 minute songs.

Song Nomination: NOFX - The Decline

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Some other song contenders for me

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A lot of their stuff hasn’t exactly proven to be timeless due to the lyrics and my being a 40 year old, but musically Get Up Kids really are on point and Close to Home is still a perfect song.


Last night I remembered a 1999 album I hadn’t listened to in 15 years: Matthew Good Band’s Beautiful Midnight.

They’re pretty much never talked about on here. Vocally he has that Stipe / Kowalczyk thing (maybe a bit more growly at times), and musically while they very much have that late 90s radio rock thing going, there’s something extra there that elevates it - there’s a dreaminess there and almost a surreal night driving feel to a lot of it.

This was the big single I think

Big climax here

One of the greatest pop-punk albums ever, and it also has cross-genre appeal / respect.

Yeah, same, though I thought About A Boy was all a bit beige tbh. I saw him round and about in Manchester everywhere around that time. I don’t think he was sure where to take his sound after the lo-fi stuff that initial burst of success and it paralysed him.

I remember an interview where he said he was trying to write something that “didn’t sound like complete shit” and he became increasingly grumpy live. The worst I saw was a Twisted Nerve label night where someone (I think it turned out one of Alfie?) had played a practical joke on him and he lost it big style.


Chris Cornell’s solo album was fantastic. Lots of sad and beautiful stuff on there.

I must admit I’ve never heard of Matthew Good and Googled him - quote “25 other women had come forward with their own stories about Good”. I’m afraid he’s another one best forgotten.

Yikes, hadn’t heard about any of that.

Most people will never believe it but Bush were a good band.

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The end of the nominations window seems to have come round faster than I realised. Will give it until tomorrow night if anyone wants to add any more before the polls go up. I’ll catch up on the latest nominations in the summary at the top of thread tomorrow but think there’s still a few big hitters that I’d be surprised not to see in the polls.

Mindchanger might be my favourite song of theirs.

I may get my song nomination in.

Nominate Song: Aimee Mann - Deathly

Completely forgot how much I love this song.

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nominate album: Underworld - Beaucoup Fish

Brother, there’s a little sale on a
On, on a vest at Walmart
9 dollar, oh yeah
8 something, yeah
Nice little vest, light


Really redeeming yourself with a swing from the ridiculous to the sublime with your nominations!

The cheek!

Steal My Sunshine is pop perfection.

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Thanks for nominating it :smiley:

I saw him on the Bewilderbeast anniversary tour, main stage middle of the day at a festival, every song interspersed with a moan, at the pay, at the sound desk, so sour. Ah, Alfie, I quite liked them.

I think this one’s great too, also from '99


I’ve just spent the last hour stabbing myself repeatedly with the sweet sting of nostalgia and I don’t think these have been posted so hey, a link dump of some singles I liked

this looks and sounds pure 1999

Love a stylophone

and I am young again doing my homework and listening to the Evening Session

laaa la la, laaa la la

I know some people are of the view that this band didn’t exist but they did! I was there! For a time they were glorious


How as this not been mentioned yet?

Although I personally preferred:

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