How Good Was The Year (in music) - 2019?

This is the latest year in scope for this entire series - but hopefully not too recent to reminisce about given all that has happened since.

A reminder of the premise of the thread

Rate the music of the year out of ten, based on the albums, singles, gigs, whatever that stand out for you that year. Non-musical nostalgia is welcome in the thread but that’s beside the point of the poll.

Everyone may nominate one album and one song from the year which will then be collated into side-polls on the final day of the thread (in one week) - please make it clear when you post a nomination for the poll, e.g

Rank Year Rating Top Album Top Song
1 1997 8.60 Radiohead - OK Computer The Beta Band - Dry The Rain
2 1967 8.48 Love - Forever Changes Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning
3 2013 8.29 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
4 2004 8.10 Madvillain - Madvillainy / Arcade Fire - Funeral The Walkmen - The Rat
5 2014 7.69 FKA Twigs - LP1 FKA Twigs - Two Weeks
6 1970 7.61 Neil Young - After the Goldrush Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up
7 1976 7.47 David Bowie - Station to Station Bob Dylan - Hurricane
8 1986 7.42 Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
9 2009 7.10 Fever Ray - Fever Ray Animal Collective - My Girls
10 1974 6.95 Neil Young - On The Beach Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - The Bottle

2019 was the year that the PotUS Donald Trump was impeached for asking Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate his political rival Joe Biden, when a suicide was done to Jeffery Epstein, child sex provider to the rich and powerful, the 850-year old Notre Dame cathedral in Paris suffered a catastrophic fire and Hong Kong was the scene of riotous protests amid plans to allow extradition to China.

We said goodbye to Keith Flint, Scott Walker, Doris Day, Niki Lauda, Rutger Hauer, Toni Morrison, Robert Mugabe, Ginger Baker, Clive James and Gary Rhodes

How good was the music?

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(Poll open until evening of Tuesday 15th March, album and song polls will go up evening of Sunday 13th based on your nominations)

Some lists for inspiration:

DIS forum 2019 - Albums of the year - RESULTS
Best Albums of 2019 : Best Ever Albums
Best albums of 2019 - Rate Your Music
The 50 best albums of 2019
The 50 best songs of 2019

Nominations will be tallied here as the week goes on:

Album Nominations

My Nomination: Jamila Woods - Legacy! Legacy!
Song Nominations

My nomination: BCUC - The Journey with Mr Van Der Merwe

I’d be interested to see how closely you stand by your votes or longer lists a couple of years on!

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There were a lot of bangers in 2019. This was one of the biggest for me.


I haven’t done this thread before but realise it was the last full year before Covid-19 and album production and live music was a normal thing then.

Album of the year for 2019 was Lana Del Rey’s Norman Fucking Rockwell. For me an instant classic and one of the best albums made in the last decade.

Edit : Album obviously NFR and Hope Is A Dangerous Thing… from the album my nominated single/track.

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Song Nomination: Palm Haze - Wildflower

Probably not going to come as much of a surprise since I haven’t been able to shut up about it since the first time I heard it. Nine minutes of propulsive, uptempo, tense, melancholic shoegaze perfection.


I’ve about three cool stories to tell in total. One was drinking for a lot of the night with two random Southern Californians in Montreal until 4am…my flight back was in the afternoon.

As I said goodbye, one of them said “if you’re in California just hit me up”…which is a cool thing to say, stuck with me and my ears pricked up when I heard that as a (maybe paraphrased) lyric in LDR’s California a few years on. In reply I told them at the time to “call, text or email me when you’re in London”…didn’t make the LDR album unfortunately.

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A very good year. Will post more in the morning.

Some good albums from my library:

Battles - Juice B Crypts
Bill Callahan - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest
Bonniesongs - Energetic Mind
Cass McCombs - Tip of the Sphere
Cate Le Bon - Reward
Chris Cohen - s/t
The Comet is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery
Flamingods - Levitation
Frankie and the Witch Fingers - ZAM
Gilla Band (Girl Band) - The Talkies
Goon - Heaven is Humming
Human Don’t Be Angry (Malcolm Middleton) - Guitar Variations
Jay Som - Anak Ko
Jeffrey Lewis and the Voltage - Bad Wiring
Jogging - Whole Heart
Junior Brother - Pull the Right Rope
Lankum - The Livelong Day
Maija Sofia - Bath Time
Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka
Mikal Cronin - Seeker
Moon Duo - Stars are the Light
Oh Sees - Face Stabber
Pip Blom - Boat
Prettiest Eyes - Vol. 3
Purple Mountains - s/t
Rachael Dadd - Flux
Rozi Plain - What a Boost
Shannon Lay - August
Sorcha Richardson - First Prize Bravery
Squarehead - High Time
Stephen Malkmus - Groove Denied
Tandem Felix - Rom Com
Teeth of the Sea - Wraith
The Twilight Sad - It Won’t Be Like This All The Time
Ty Segall - First Taste
Wand - Laughing Matter

What a very strong year


Thought it was a very good year for Irish albums, so I made a 20 track playlist at the time

(Missed out Sorcha Richardson whose album I only got round to listening to in early 2020)


Here’s some stuff from my discogs not mentioned yet by anyone:

American Football - s/t (3)
Thom Yorke - Anima
Better Oblivion Community Centre - s/t
Say Sue Me - Big Summer Night EP
Fionn Regan - Cala
Daughter of Swords - Dawnbreaker
The National - I Am Easy To Find
The Mountain Goats - In League With Dragons
The New Pornographers - In The Morse Code Of Breaklights
Idlewild - Interview Music
Otoboke Beaver - Itekoma Hits
Drinking Boys And Girls Choir - Keep Drinking
Wilco - Ode To Joy
Pedro The Lion - Phoenix
Mark Lanegan Band - Somebody’s Knocking
Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock
Mark Mulcahy - The Gus
The Delines - The Imperial
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - The Undivided Five
Spielbergs - This Is Not The End
EB The Younger - To Each His Own
Hazy Sour Cherry - Tour De Tokyo
Spiral Stairs - We Wanna Be Hypnotized
Aidan Moffat & RM Hubert - What The Night Bestows Us
Calexico/Iron & Wine - Year’s To Burn


A very good and deep year.

The albums that I immediately think of when it comes to 2019 (no real order, I guess, but maybe somewhat?):

Palm Haze - Reve Bleu EP
Strange Ranger - Remembering the Rockets
Pile - Green and Gray
Tropical Fuck Storm - Braindrops
MONO - Nowhere Now Here
Pedro the Lion - Phoenix
William Patrick Corgan - Cotillions
DIIV - Deceiver
The National - I Am Easy to Find
Alcest - Spiritual Instinct
Big Thief - UFOF / Two Hands
Greet Death - New Hell
The Murder Capital - When I Have Fears
Spielbergs - This Is Not the End / Running All the Way Home EP
Sasami - S/T

Other pretty good ones and even some great ones that should probably be on the upper list (alphapbetical)

Alex G - House of Sugar
Better Oblivion Community Center - S/T
Corey Fuller - Break
Have a Nice Life - Sea of Worry
Priests - The Seduction of Kansas
Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow
Thom Yorke - ANIMA
Tool - Fear Innoculum
Twilight Sad - It Won’t Be Like This All the Time
Underground Lovers - A Left Turn
Wilco - Ode to Joy


Feeling compelled to yell into the void that W. P. Corgan’s Cotillions is actually a great album (a double one at that) and one of the best releases of the year. It’s good when artists follow their muse even if it leads to unexpected and unpopular places.

Have some fiddle

I haven’t looked at my lists yet, but think it was a good year. As for life things, my girlfriend and I decided to move in together and buy a house straight away (that we sold 2 years later and just got a new one 4 months ago). We were exploring our new neighborhood and settling in to regular spots. My mom came to visit from Belgium in the spring and we did some gardening. The weather was very nice. I worked on finding a new job as I was tired of the one I had, and secured a new one that I started in December.

Looking forward to checking out the music. Should be interesting as I still have a huge backlog of things I meant to check out from the year. I should just focus on what I already know so I don’t overwhelm myself.

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Going for an early album nomination this time around:

Tyler, the Creator - Igor


2019 belonged to Big Thief for me and having finally just seen them live, i can’t see that changing any time soon.

First and only time I’ve had a top ten with two albums by the same band in it!

Nominate Album Big Thief UFOF

Nominate song Big Thief Not