⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #1 Eric Cantona

Better strap yourself in for the rest of the series.


It’s mostly Plymouth Argyle wingers from the 90s.


phillipe auclair’s book on him is really good

Definitely more interesting for his personality and what he’s done off the pitch than what he’s done on it. A player who could only have become a star in the UK, where zonal marking and flat back fours allowed him to drop off into the hole.

He embodied the Man Utd team of that era, in that he could look less than ordinary for 89 minutes of a match, before popping up with a goal against the run of play.

Bit annoying we didn’t sell him to a Ligue 1 club. Decent chance Ferguson would’ve been sacked and never won any titles at Man U if they’d never signed him.

Probably as influential a player as there’s been in this country in terms of a role/position.


fans of rival clubs are going to definitely sabotage the impartiality of this series and Messi will inevitably come out on top due to never having sunk the title chances of the team that anyone on here supports

ah well

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Fucking class.

Is he still running those tournaments on a ship?

It’ll pass the time nicely enough!


90% of DiSers support Man Utd so Cantona’s rating is safe.

This is my favourite pair of socks:


dunno about that, I reckon he’ll land max 7.4 where probably he should be nudging 9.2 - reckon Drogba will do the same

and Suarez will be marked well down (deservedly)

Only available in size 7-11 :frowning:

That’s unfortunate for anyone with size 1-6 or 11+ feet

(I also have the Zidane headbutt and Maradona Hand of God pairs)

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I liked Looking for Eric a lot.



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That line of John Henshaw’s “If you try anything like that again I’ll find you. How? Cause I’m a fucking postman” is one of my all time faves.


That chip, then the celebration…one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


I liked it when he kicked a ball through the chest of that robot/devil thing in that advert.

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I like it in the 1664 ad where the women asks if he’s a farmer and he says of course then he does this little look at the camera, it’s very good