⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #11 Rio Ferdinand

No, I mean that his pace was shot and he was embarrassed too frequently playing at that level.

A lot of that is down to the club, obviously, but I think it means a lot of people’s opinions of him are clouded by half a decade of him being merked at crucial points in matches.

Thats nonsense in that case. Should have retired the same time Fergie did for sure but he never had an enormous decline like many of his peers. Lost a yard of pace for sure but had the intelligence and positioning to deal with it.


I mean, this didn’t happen, did it?

Can only assume you’re getting him mixed up with John Terry.

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Five seasons is pushing it but felt like he lost it overnight around 2012ish. Looked total shite at QPR.

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Fergie went in 2013, Rio should have gone at the same time innit. Five seasons is a bonkers claim.

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A combination of injuries and poor form meant that he played fewer than half the matches available in 2009-10 and 10-11. In 11-12 and 12-13 he was playing at a standard significantly lower than where he was pre-2009.

Maybe saying that he stayed too long is a bit harsh, but his final five seasons were a big step down compared to the high standards that he’d set before.

And yet, still one of the best defenders in the country despite that.

As I said

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Are people really scoring these things and knocking points off based on how many little old ladies players have helped across the road or is this ‘a bit’ that I missed?


also dont forget that if he was actually a decent footballer he would’ve been a striker so as a defender he cant score higher than a 3. take away a point for the drink driving, 1 for the drugs, 1 for the homophobia and he’s lucky to score 1.

His foundation do some really good work, so I’ve nudged him up to a 7.

kik rolls back the years with that one


Terry’s a fucking twat

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  • Daft partisan ledley king/Ben White opinion

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Bottom quote here has done me

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Rio, Sol and Terry are all bellends. Rio probably the best defender in terms of modern game. Sol is underrated. Terry slightly overrated. Went with Sol as he had a good balance to his game in terms of pace, power, abilty to read the game, leadership etc. Rio was the better footballer.

I think the choice is between Sol or Terry to pair with Rio. It’s the kind of centre-back pairing that’s always worked.

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And that’s the level of insight into the game which keeps you in work as a manager despite failure after failure.

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Better than Terry, class on the ball. Best player I’ve seen come through our academy until Rice.Was really exciting at the time hearing the rumours about this amazing kid in the reserves and then seeing him immediately establish himself in the team.

Supposedly there was an offer from Real Madrid around then too which we turned down only to sell him to Leeds…

Think he’s probably still our record sale once you’ve adjusted for inflation.



I reckon ‘working legs’ can be considered a positive trait for a professional footballer