⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #12 Jürgen Klinsmann

He made diving a work of art but was also a consummate finisher, deadly in the six-yard area. Like a dark version of Lineker. Gave him a 7 because 7.5 isn’t an option

Gone for an 8. Great finisher. Agree with what @bugduv said about the star quality he brought to the Premier League.

Missed the Rio vote but that score is scandalous!

how he’s got above Batty we’ll never know.

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Always assumed Popescu played as a holder or maybe a sweeper.

What a player he was, btw.

That is where he played, but Popescu came in during Ardiles’ second season, so was only playing under him for a couple of weeks.

He only made 25 appearances for Spurs before heading to Barcelona.

I made the ‘ooft’ sound a few times watching that

still gonna abstain, but I approve

Mabbutt and thortsvedt were definitely still first choice in those days (mabbutt missed 6 months maybe in 1994 after fashanu smashed his skull in)

Nethercott was never first choice for any manager (at any club ever I don’t think)

Can’t really remember calderwood playing midfield, *** ******** would’ve been more likely to play further forward in those days

Doesn’t really matter though who was picked though when they were both: all shite, and not coached :laughing: loved those years. MOTD was always a delight.

One of the players that made me fall in love with the game
Still have and wear a spurs shirt with Klinsmann on the back



My mum threw mine out. Imagine that

Ian Walker was first choice keeper in 94-95, the year Klinsmann was signed (he played 41 times in the league that year)

The early matches in that season were a mis-match of different defenders as Ardiles was swapping players at the back. Mabbutt was in and out of the side early on and the line up didn’t really get settled until Gerry Francis took over and turned them into a long-ball outfit, with Campbell pushed up into midfield.



This is marckee were talking about, so Google :wink::wink:

This was when I was really, really into my fantasy football, play-by-mail, Sensible Soccer and Championship Manager. Plus I was at a school where most people supported Spurs.

I had to check to see that I’d remembered things correctly, obviously, but that’s the era of football when I was paying attention the most.

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I didn’t have Sky or anything, either, so would pour over the newspapers in the school library on a Monday morning to note all the stats down so I could put them into a database I had on my Amiga.

I was really cool in school.

Like, I didn’t know that Walker had played 41 times that season, but I remember him being first choice keeper.


I used to watch the Italian football with my grandad and actually take notes, I was that sad. We didn’t have Sky, nobody did, unless they had a dodgy box. He’d call out names and numbers of lesser-known players. I’d use the notes to edit my Sensi teams. What a fucking time to be alive.

Very weird memory, but I had a bit of an accident at school, must have been 8 or 9, pissed or shat the ol’ kecks, I forget. Got picked up, play-by-mail fantasy footy had been delivered that morning. One of the best days of my life despite the soiled drawers.

If I remember rightly the first newspaper fantasy football was one of the broadsheets, maybe the Telegraph. Would be interested to know the answer to this. I always did the Mirror one. Used to take my grandad’s portable phone into the toilet and enter by phone. Think it was probably 50p a minute to enter your team. The players all had three-digit codes.

Put a solid fifty hours a week into Championship Manager between the first game and 00/01. Said a few times before but I used to spend hours editing the thing whilst smoking the doobies. Literally used to plan my weekends ahead. Would build a fat three-sheeter, pick a team at random and spend hours essentially doing data entry.

He’s like some sort of prolific goal scoring guy.

Same, apart from the shitting my pants.

Yeah, it was the Telegraph. To enter it, or to make transfers, you had to send first class stamps in the post to their office. Big Ron used to ‘write’ an advice column on it every week.

The first proper Fantasy Football League was the Telegraph. I used to run a League at work by hand for about six or seven years and we had to find a friendly Tory to lend us his paper.

My granddad always used to enter our teams into the telegraph one and he’d call every week to give us the numbers to put on our paper copy spreadsheets :heart:


My dad let my brother skive off school one day to take him to the training ground to meet players outside and bro still has the picture of him with Klinsmann up on his wall :grinning:

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