⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #13 Steven Gerrard



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am told by my #merseysidefam that he’s deeply unpopular in the area and an absolute roaster of a human being, even amongst local 'pool fans.

Not a Liverpool fan but it is honestly hilarious to me that people think Gerrard is somehow a 6/10 footballer.


if Ronaldo is getting a 10, then Steeeevie is getting a 6.

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Most koppites won’t have a word said against him, but yeah, I’ve heard so many stories of him being a twat

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In context of the other scores it’s fine

can’t believe people would rather have gerrard. he was the more gifted player sure, but so tactically undisciplined. that’s probably a result of having to do everything by himself at club level because most of his teammates were sub par for most of his career, but it still made him an absolute liability at international level


uncle’s a season ticket holder at anfield and thinks he’s a chode.

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A great club player and personality but a middling international player. An incorrigible cheat and pretty nasty.

Gerrard the occasional genius individual player. Lampard the steadier team professional.

Excellent for Liverpool

Decent for England

Never understood why there’s so much debate about these 2 positions.

thought he was a fucking excellent player and easily one of the best players to play in england for years.
now he manages my club so there’s that. :slight_smile:

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Punched a man because he wouldn’t play a Phil Collins record. 1/10.


Mr Hollywood. Undoubtedly a very talented player with an unbelievable work rate. Bought into his own mythos to the extent that it was detrimental to the teams he played in though. There’s a thin line between being the engine that drives a team and makes the whole thing tick and a player trying to do everything. Like Rooney when games weren’t going his way, it just disjoints everything.

Owen was good before the injuries took their toll.

Ferdinand had an excellent tournament or two.

Beckham had brilliant games here and there.

Outside of Cole, that’s probably about it for the Golden Generation.




His performance in that match after the slip was amazing. Total Roy of the Rovers stuff, if Roy was so determined to make things right himself that he’d constantly shoot from 35 yards rather than pass to anyone, no matter how fruitless his repeated attempts were.


Yeah but Chelsea did park the bus to a beyond piss-take extent in that 2nd half.

the equivalent of someone completely losing it in poker and just going in every hand to chase a loss



If they’d used Carrick more in tournaments they probably would have been a bit more successful, rather than keeping on with the Lampard/Gerrard dysfunction