⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #14 Peter Schmeichel

I’m biased but he was very good.

When it comes to goalkeepers I think there are relevant intangible qualities like “presence” and leadership. Must have been an absolute fucker to play in front of.

He came off his line at the right times, claimed crosses, closed down 1 on 1s and his monster throws used to set off many attacks.

Had his fair share of howlers, but didn’t they all back then.

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  1. Good but not great

These comments/scores ffs. He was the best. Unbelievable player. Won so many points for United in the mid 90s, won a European Championship, won the fucking treble, 10 (TEN) league titles… I could go on…

Easiest 10…

Some of his saves were ridiculous


Loved him

May not have been as technically good as De Gea in his prime but had bags more personality

Loved his big bear hug arms just swallowing up attackers

I think he embodied that intense will to win spirit that Ferguson gave them, which has sadly been lacking since he left

In retrospect I can even delight in his mis-kicks and bloopers

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I think you can forgive any mis-kicks from keepers who played through the introduction of the passback rule - it completely changed what they were expected to be able to do, overnight.


De Gea?



Absolute fucking knobhead of a man and there’s no way any keeper can get higher than a 7

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Dmitri Kharine, 10/10

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Love how massive he is compared to Barthez

(Barthez would make a good HGWTFR actually imo)

Not to be a dubious goal malcolm but he’s fairly lucky this one’s attributed to him isn’t he?

Needed saying


Still the best 'keeper to have played in the Prem IMO. Colossus.


Do y’all remember when Peter won the league and then his son Kasper won the league with LEICESTER and in between those two league wins, Liverpool got nowhere fucking near winning it. Ha!


I just noticed these threads exist. good idea.

Although rating Ashley Cole as a better footballer than Alan Shearer is a bit daft.

Schmeichel was the best keeper in the world for 5 years. I remember when Newcastle were challenging for the title and he performed absolute heroics as we battered them at St James’ without scoring. They ended up winning 0-1 and it was a real turning point.

8/10 cause he was prone to getting chipped. As in:

One of the best days of my life, going to that game with my dad.

Struggling to think of another Prem keeper who consistently excelled over a protracted length of time. A lot of recency bias in some of these posts. 8

everyone saying De Gea is up there with him would presumably have said the same about Joe Hart before Pep booted him

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All you people saying he was prone to getting chipped. Show me more than 3 examples that you are aware of (without googling ‘Schmeichel chip compilation’) over his 20year career of him being chipped please.


Ha I often feel more guilty of nostalgic revisionism about footballers. Probably because it felt more thrilling back in the day.

Like, was Petr Cech a better all round ‘keeper in his pomp? Probably. Did strikers shit it that little bit more when one on one with him between the sticks than when Big Pete was charging at them? Doubt it.


Overall rates of chipping have been in significant decline for the last decade at least by my observation. Rarely see a good chip.

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