⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #15 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

Peter Schmeichel goes over the 8 mark

Ronaldo 9.41
Ronaldinho 8.72
Thierry Henry 8.47
Ruud Gullit 8.27
Peter Schmeichel 8.06
Ashley Cole 7.85
Alan Shearer 7.74
Andrea Pirlo 7.66
Eric Cantona 7.56
Rio Ferdinand 7.20
Jürgen Klinsmann 6.58
Steven Gerrard 6.21
Robbie Fowler 5.70
David Batty 4.80

And today: Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink!

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A good and fun player but he belongs at the lower end of this list


Bit of a moody dickhead towards the end of his time at Leeds but I think he’s a really underrated Premier League striker.

127 PL goals - 23 more than Drogba to put that in context.

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Could hit a ball really hard and it was fun when he was Burton manager for a bit, but not great.

One in the long list of ‘pundits who reckon they were a lot better than they were at playing when telling us exactly what Messi did wrong there’.

Probably gonna get higher than Gerrard/5

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Biggest butt Chelsea f.c. until hazards dumptruck landed



Actually, maybe Ivanovic took it from him




Wasn’t as good as he thought he was, but was good enough for the UEFA cup-tier teams he played for.

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Liked him a disproportionate amount for a Leeds and Chelsea player but that might be because we are both called Jimmy


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NEver lived up to his potential would pull off a blinder then vanish for a handful of games


played for some of the scummiest clubs possible and yet I still loved him, really fun player. 7

don’t think this is true, scored 20+ a few times

Ffs who am I going to be asked to muster an opinion on next



Proper journey man and late starter: he played non-league aged 23 before turning Premier League Golden Boot winner four years later.

Fun fact: Hasselbaink is one of only 8 players who have played for the Dutch national team but never played at the highest level in their own country.

Not so fun fact: in his youth Hasselbaink was jailed for 3 months for his role in robbing Public Enemy gig goers.



Are the other 7 guessable?

could kick the ball really hard iirc. him & Gudjohnsen might be the all time coolest PL strike partnership

that crop of Dutch strikers was ridiculous with Bergkamp, Van Nistelrooy, Kluivert, van Hooijdonk and Makaay all playing at the same time as him


3 yes, the other 4 absolutely not

Tim Krul? Oh Jordi Cruyff too.

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