⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #16 Zinedine Zidane

Remember when he had a wee spew up on the pitch before scoring a penalty against England?


Enjoyable YouTube comments from a scene from the 21st Century Portrait film


Proper WTF-mouth at the 18 seconds one…


Great player, obviously, but what did happen to him in Euro96?

he’s excellent if a bit over rated, for me not absolute top tier. 8

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always pretended to be Zidane as a kid

just the purest distillation of what I love about football, the way he played


Second best player of all time. Better than (which) Ronaldo.

the one around 20 seconds where he’s running and basically glues a ball to his toe from a long ball that comes from behind him is just ridiculous

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The game against Brazil is a decent shout for all-time greatest individual performance eh

Weirdly didn’t win as much at club level as you’d assume someone of his talent/clubs he played for would.

Still obviously great, 9.

I’ll tell you who never went missing in any games

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There’s a world somewhere in which Bergkamp went to Real Madrid and won the 1998 World Cup, and Zidane got fucked over playing as a lone striker for Inter Milan before signing for Arsenal, and their legacies are basically reversed.

Zidane was probably the better player though tbf.

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doing really sexy first touches is my favourite thing in football, probs because of Zizou

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I got well choked up during this match because of zidanes performance. he was so bad during the group matches that when he got subbed during one of them -can’t remember who it was agains - the other France players on the bench couldn’t make eye contact with him, almost like they were embarrassed for him. he cut such an old, lonely figure walking past them. for him to then pull off performances like this throughout the ko stages was fucking mythical.

He ran the show against Portugal as well, didn’t he?


Best football film of all time

Think this might be my favourite goal ever

Swear he had a near identical one against Scotland too but can’t find it now

THE G.O.A.T :goat:

always thought stuff like this was probably the easiest thing to do on a football pitch, anybody who practices a lot should be able to do this surely