⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #17 Fernando Torres

Get Gary Neville on standby…

Zinedine Zidane goes 2nd

Ronaldo 9.41
Zinedine Zidane 9.22
Ronaldinho 8.72
Thierry Henry 8.47
Ruud Gullit 8.27
Peter Schmeichel 8.06
Ashley Cole 7.85
Alan Shearer 7.74
Andrea Pirlo 7.66
Eric Cantona 7.56
Rio Ferdinand 7.20
Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 7.18
Jürgen Klinsmann 6.58
Steven Gerrard 6.21
Robbie Fowler 5.70
David Batty 4.80

And this evening

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About ten years emitting the dark aura of a man who’d dropped his shopping, which I admire.


For a period he looked like he could have been one of the best strikers ever in the Prem

8/10 during his very sexy but very short peak

6/10 when we sold him to Chelsea in what would have been the transfer deal of the decade had we not immediately pissed 70% of the money up the wall on Andy Carroll

he was TERRIBLE for Chelsea which was a complete delight to see

a 7 out of 10 player if there ever was one


Obviously post Liverpool he was shite, but he had a pretty good career. Won the the lot at international and club level. Top scorer at the Euro’s, scored in two finals… pretty tough one to grade. 6.5?

Looking at his wiki and this has done me :’’’’)


Proper ‘seeing your mum leave the house with her new boyfriend’ vibes.


^this is pretty much my opinion, too.

I remember seeing his miss v Man Utd when he was playing for Chelsea - we were in a bar in Boston, and it was on in the background. A load of americans were asking us if that kind of error was common in football…

was just wondering if there’d be a thread on him, weird
remember his spell at liverpool being kind of momentous but then you look at his stats and it’s one very good season and a couple of decent but injury curtailed ones
that day when they sold him to chelsea and bought andy carroll was exciting


Don’t understand why he was so shit at Chelsea

Lost his pace after injury, struggled to adapt

Remember when he scored 4 against Tahiti?

7, BITT has covered it already basically. That said, I’m kinda happy that he had a slight redemptive arc of scoring the goal against Barcelona, and tbf he actually took that one really well.

Felt weirdly happy about Chelsea winning the big cup, mainly because they had a supply manager in, actually had a few likeable players, and Captain. Leader. Dickhead. got sent off in the semi.

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Plus he needed space to run into. Teams used to defend deeper against Chelsea than against Liverpool.

can’t believe his mum said that in front of the girl he fancies



6 or 7 explosive, fast, decent finisher

Probably an 8 until his last season at Liverpool, and then…yeah

Absolutely electric those few years at Liverpool and by all accounts Atleti before. As good as any PL striker has been during that period.

Weird how suddenly he seemed to completely lose it - pretty much right after (during?) the 2010 World Cup iirc, half a season before that Chelsea move anyway.

Fair play to him for that Barcelona goal, winning the CL and coming really close to a second one on his return to Atleti.

By the same token I gave Henry an 8, Torres gets a 7.


He got writers block for goalscoring

Felt really bad for him at Chelsea, which probably isn’t the emotion you want to inspire as a striker. Is it him who loves building flat-pack furniture?

Seems a nice boy. I’m giving him a score of 10, think he’d like that more than most on the list.

Gave Gary Neville an orgasm


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was good at Atleti, great at Liverpool, bad at Chelsea. Completely lost it after an injury at 'pool, but we still paid the money.

never really rated him for Spain either. gonna give him a 7 for those Liverpool/Atleti years, and for contributing to those golden years for the international side, but still. Not fit to clean Villa’s boots imo.