⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #18 Matt Le Tissier

Yes, it is very funny

Think it more or less makes sense with the rest of the names on there, Ferdinand excepted but United fans gonna United

He was playing against Peter Fear and Steve Potts in those days

We all know his strengths and weaknesses, but viewing any of his ‘goal compilations’ brings footballing joy.

Still remember when we courted him and, if its to be believed, almost got him to the Bridge - £7m was the reported fee, which would’ve been astronomical at the time, and Matthew Harding was the driving force but it never quite happened.

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I see Le Tissier as a player who found himself in the wrong era. His touch, vision and long range shooting were all amazing. But he was languid and looked unfit most of the time. Maybe in the modern era, with sports science, nutrition etc he would have been managed in a way that his flaws were overcome. I suppose the fact that he didn’t move to a big club or succeed internationally indicate that he wasn’t quite at that level but he could certainly catch the eye.

I think the Gerrard and Rio scores in these rankings are oing to mess things up. I.e of course he’s not as good as Stevie! Give him a 4!

I fear that the Paddy McCourt HGWTFR may not go as well as I thought

Still can’t get over quite how weird he turned out to be.

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7 for his good goals and cos i want Gerrard to be lower than him. Lazy fucker and absolute bell though

He’s mates with my father-in-law. e
Everyone calls him Fat Matt, which is a bit unfair because as mentioned above he was sort of a physique out of time (though yes, also laaaazy). Frankly, knowing the sort of people he knows, it’s no surprise that he has become the sort of 5G anti-mask fool that he is. Got a signed copy of his book somewhere.

Oh I forgot, for those blissfully unaware his book is called Taking Le Tiss (smell my hands)

Really is

So much weird shit in this thread.

Massive roaster or not, the most entertaining player of the Premier League era, and by a huge distance.


Should be below fowler

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The ranking here is a bit mad in general innit. Almost as if club allegiances are affecting scoring, but that cant be it.

Brilliant with both feet.


I didn’t grow up watching him so I’m coming from a place of ignorance really, but I can’t see how someone can lazily get 25 goals a season from midfield

I concur. Cantona a very close second.

Did any of the big clubs ever try to sign him? Genuinely can’t remember.
Never got a shake of the stick with England, remember him playing a few B internationals in the Hoddle era.
I’m thinking as others have said maybe he was a big fish in a small pond.

Man Utd and Chelsea tried but not too seriously.

Hoddle gave him a couple of caps at full international level in the run up to France 98, but he was the kind of player you have to hope they’re good enough to build a team around.

His position (deep lying striker - he wasn’t really a midfielder) did well at Premiership level with zonal marking, but struggled when up against man-marking opponents used to playing in leagues like Italy. I remember him having one or two good touches in a qualifier against Italy (the one where Zola scored the winner), and he looked a bit lost and disinterested for the rest of it.

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you not watched his highlights? just loads of blooters while not running

love it

  1. Can’t even remember much about what he did cos he never seemed to do anything except score slightly sporny goals that looked better than they really were.