⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #2 Ashley Cole

Morning! After Eric Cantona scores a fair 7.56, today let’s look at Ashley Cole!


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Absolutely exceptional full-back. One of the ones at the forefront of redefining how important a position it was.


Cashley Cole, actually

best player in his position in premier league history. giving him a 9, because he’s not as good as maldini or as fun as lizarazu / carlos / evra


Pretty mad that Cantona scored that low, though I guess there were a few 1/10s.

As for Cole, one of the best full backs of the premier league era. Went a bit shit towards the end but doesn’t detract from an exceptional high level of quality and consistency that preceded it.


Ruined his career by going to Chelsea. Was never the same player after that.




I believe it was a wise man who once said

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I wouldn’t go that far but he did kind of lose a big part of his game, which was his thrilling forward runs. Him, Pires and Henry combining on the left wing was undefendable at times.

I’ll reconsider my rating.

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A brilliant full back and as has been said, helped redefine the position. 107 international caps is quite a feat too. Think he was a massive victim of the same prejudice in the media that Sterling, Zaha etc have suffered from against a young black man becoming hugely wealthy and successful and was treated far worse about it all than he would have been otherwise.

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If only there was a ‘you just got Funkhousered’ badge.


Still find it weird he only won one PL title at Chelsea


That’s bonkers

Probably the only one of the ‘Golden Generation’ to actually be the best in the world in their position when they were playing.

The match fairly early on in his career against Portugal, when he contained Ronaldo, showed that he was an excellent defender and not just a pacy overlapper - up until that point he’d been seen as a bit shaky, I think, but that match elevated him to someone you knew you could trust.


He’s just called “Ashley” now isn’t he?

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:musical_note: Ashley Cole, he scores goals :musical_note:


Gets an extra point for that Roma photo. 2


2001–2014 England 107 (Goals 0)

Nah m9, he’s shite :-1:

Jokes. We had him at Palace on loan early in his career and played him as a winger and he was absolutely brilliant - tried a half hearted attempt to sign him, but it was obvious even then that he would go on to play at the top of the game. England’s most consistent player for years too.

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For a decent chunk of his career he was one of the few England players of the last 30 odd years who could genuinely be put forward in an argument for best in the world in their position.

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