⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #3 Robbie Fowler

Alright? Got ourselves a tiny leaderboard going haven’t we

Ashley Cole 7.85
Eric Cantona 7.56

And next, Robbie ‘The Landlord’ Fowler!

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Seems like a total twat for how he behaved towards Le Saux


Haha as if I can have an objective opinion on Robbie Fowler :sweat_smile:

Brilliant while at his peak, but his peak was far too short for him to be considered one of the great players beyond his club’s supporters, I think. His range of goals and all round play made him more than just a six-yard box finisher, but there was no one better than him at that.

Was a homophobic dick, too, although if one was being generous, one could put that down to his young age.

It was nice when sigur ros made that song in support of him

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Don’t really get poachers like that anymore

Greatest finisher England’s produced since Sir Mason Greenwood.


Don’t really remember him at his peak, always preferred Mickey Blue Eyes as a result.

At his peak he was unbelievable. His peak wasn’t very long though and the man is a complete fucking dickhead. I’ve gone for a seven.


Fantastic finisher in his prime however seemingly fell into mediocrity very quickly
6/10 as a whole

There’s no way Ashley Cole was a better footballer than Eric Cantona

  1. Cant believe Cole is higher than King Eric
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#5 was the best one there

Christ, that highlighter yellow Liverpool kit was horrible

Yeah I didn’t realise at the time quite how bad that was

Ashley Cole was probably the best in the World in his position. I can see why he’s scored higher


For a Liverpool fan I was never really into Fowler. Undeniable finisher and club legend, local hero & record goal scorer and all that but to me he kind of embodied the 90s LAD culture (that spilled over from football into everything else) that pretty much put me off football for a good chunk of the 90s (though I did think the ‘Cameroonian grass-eating celebration’ was quite funny)

Not sure why he never managed to do for England what he did for Liverpool either

Bit of an enigma all in all, or just a prick with an eye for goal

6.5 from me - can’t decide whether to round up or down


Nah, the one against Aston Villa (which was the second of three goals Liverpool scored in the first seven minutes of that match), is the pick of that bunch.

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Because Alan Shearer was the best forward in world football when Fowler was at his peak.

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