⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #4 Ruud Gullit

Hi! Might as well chuck another one of these out into the world.

Fowler goes last

Ashley Cole 7.85
Eric Cantona 7.56
Robbie Fowler 5.70

And today; Ruud Gullit!


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Enjoyed him saying he would bring sexy football to a team with Steve Howey and Warren Barton in

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It’s the Ashley Cole scoring higher than Cantona that I can’t get over.


I remember the 1988 Euros pretty well. Gullit, Rijkaard and Van Basten were brilliant.

Gave Gullit an 8/10.


Great player, so-so manager, mediocre pundit.


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I think we can safely say that if he gets less than any of the other 3 so far it confirms that DiS football threads should be retired and everyone involved should agree never to profess an opinion on the sport again.

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One of the first foreign superstars to come to the Prem, right? Remember being really excited when he played for/managed Chelsea.

Can’t really remember him as a player that much really, but that era of the Dutch team was really cool.

A brilliant player when he was in form, but injuries and dips meant that he had a very up and down career post 1990. He had a brilliant spell at Sampdoria following an unhappy end to his Milan glory days.

His arrival at Chelsea was the first transfer where I remember thinking that English clubs were maybe going to be able to compete with the Italian or Spanish line-ups that you saw on Sensible Soccer. Okay, he was past his best when playing in England, but was still head and shoulders above anyone else in that Chelsea squad.

He was a proper global superstar at the time. I’m not sure whether anyone else in the Premier League has come close. Beckham, maybe, but his familiarity meant he didn’t quite have the God-like aura Gullit’s name and image carried.

I’ve gone for 9

Always remember him for one moment when he was playing for Chelsea. He was standing on the ball. He rolled the ball forward and back under his foot and the defender in front of him fell over. Genius.

Before my time, so will abstain. Just about recall him getting sacked before Sir Bobby took over, after benching Shearer and big Dunc for the T/W derby (lost), the donut.


Always been fond of his goal in the 1988 final


A very cool player

The range of goals he scored was huge.

The only other player that I can think of who has been able to combine such good close control with that aerial threat in the box is Ronaldo.

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Before my time/10

Read his book, remember precisely nothing about it, don’t remember him as a player but happy to take people’s word for it he was class. Seems like a good guy, a bit odd maybe.


great bunch of oranj

Loved Gullit as a player



Never really saw him in his prime. He was good at Chelsea but wouldn’t get close to their ‘best of’ xi (Zola who came a year or so later was much better for them, for example).

From that early 90s era i know much more of baggio, maradona, Romario, Gascoigne. Was he in the same class as those?


His hair is incredible though, probably best footballer hair ever

So far as I know he played as a sweeper, centre-half, holding midfielder, box to box player, number ten, upfront and even on the right wing occasionally.

How many players have done that at the elite level since?

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