⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #5 Ronaldinho

Go on then…

Ruud Gullit 8.27
Ashley Cole 7.85
Eric Cantona 7.56
Robbie Fowler 5.70

And now, Ronaldo de Assis Moreira…

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Maybe the funnest footballer.

For that reason got to be a 10

Great fun to watch during the four or five seasons when he was at his peak, and even after that you could see flashes of brilliance in between the injuries and dips in form.

I don’t think he performed at a high enough level for long enough to be classed alongside the likes of Maradona or - to give an example of someone we’ve already discussed - Gullit, but he was arguably the catalyst for Barcelona’s extended period of greatness that only really ended a few nights ago.

Imagine if he’d not been involved in a passport scam and had managed to follow his dream of playing for St Mirren…

Think this is my favourite goal that he scored. 9, almost but not quite a 10. Fun.


One of the most fun players of all time.

Fuck Peter Kenyon so much for deliberately sabotaging that deal.


He’s that special kind of player that runs rings around everyone else without ever really running.

As usual for any non Prem player, never really watched him more than maybe 4 or 5 times a season max but gonna go 10. Like a Brazilian berbatov, no higher praise.

Should’ve spent a lot longer at the top than he did but ridiculous - like laugh out loud ridiculous - at his best.

9 for me.

Really good wasn’t he, this is great

That first touch then pass is just outrageous.

(Obviously Henrik should have scored but Henrik was 10.0/10.0 so I can only assume he missed intentionally)


There’s a longer post to be had, but he’s the most naturally skilled and entertaining footballer of my lifetime, above Messi.

If he had the drive, he’d be considered the best player of all time, but maybe that’s the point? Just didn’t give a fuck, and played how he wanted, and was still the best footballer in the world at the time.


10 without a doubt. No one has really entertained me like that since.

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10/10. Pure fun. Absurdly talented.

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Always thought he was a complete clown. Ninety percent of his tricks never came off and no one ever called him on the number of times he passed to the opposition doing something fancy when a simple pass would have done the job.

Undoubtedly hugely talented and a mare to play against, but not for me, Clive.

Is he still at a Paraguayan prison?

Hugely talented, and unsurpassed as the world’s best player during his Barcelona years. But his peak was over aged 28 and he never reached those heights again. Plus points deducted for endorsing Bolsonaro during the 2018 presidential elections.


Absolutely joyous

9/10 for me

This is the first thing that came to my mind too

Lovely lovely stuff

Proper figure for playing the game with a smile on his face which I rate v highly. Heaps of great champions league moments in such a short spell, plus that chip over Seaman. 9 as his peak was pretty short, but what a fun peak eh

This one for me.


Edit: got to open it on YT. Worth it.