⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #7 Andrea Pirlo

Some great marking of the post there.

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Very few players are. Argyle legend. I know some Argyle fans who met both WP brothers at a boxing match and sang the ‘he’s better than Shaun, he’s better than Shaaaaaun…’ chant while Bradley recorded it for his ringtone.


Arsenal and Blackburn already taken care of.

Didn’t know until pretty recently that he had a loan spell at brescia as a youngster and got the assist for arguably the sexiest finish of all time

8 I reckon


Some of the views in this thread.

He was arguably the greatest ‘regista’ Italian football has ever developed.

No player is a 10/10, but Pirlo is an easy 9/10.

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1 shearers out of 10

sexiest touch, right there

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Gone for an 8

Many really good teams built around him - AC, Juve and Italy - his skillset was so good and well-defined that it made it easier to do I guess. Wouldn’t be half the player without big lad Gattuso in front of him obv. Almost cocky stylish but backed it up so don’t mind too much

What a lot of people are forgetting is that for much of his career he had the world’s best beard in his position.

Agree with most of the above. One of this players who clearly had huge talent but was massively overrated by casual football fans, much like Paul Scholes or Steven Gerrard were.

Best beard in the position of being a human.

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Excellent passer and could control a game with confidence. Agree he has a bit of a hindsight aura around him though. Not world class for me, but just below. Was torn between 7 or 8.

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Fuck sakes Aggpass, do you and I agree on everything?!

Just thinking about the rest of this series. I wonder which players will ‘overscore’ because of their personality / likeability (maybe Crouch or Micah Richards) and who will conversely suffer (maybe Keane or Carlton Palmer?) I definitely think this has happened in the HGWTR music votings.

For the record, should the Funkman do a HGATR Roberto Baggio and I don’t see universal love for the divine ponytail then I’m gonna throw an absolute tantrum and nuke shitshow Britain.

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As long as the next sentence explains that Scholes was a step above Pirlo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Non quel tipo di giocatore

Carlton is a 10 after hearing his Quickly Kevin episode.

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