⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #8 Ronaldo 🇧🇷


Pirlo goes 5th!

Ronaldinho 8.72
Ruud Gullit 8.27
Ashley Cole 7.85
Alan Shearer 7.74
Andrea Pirlo 7.66
Eric Cantona 7.56
Robbie Fowler 5.70

Today, the Brazilian Ronaldo!

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Wore the number 9 which is funny really cos he’s a 10

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He was no Aretha Franklin


Preferred his earlier work

Joint with van Basten as my favourite striker. He was just unbelievable, especially pre ACL.


would’ve been the greatest of all time if his leg hadn’t fell off. still won another ballon d’or after that happened anyway

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probs should score a perfect 10 but im still pretty excited for hoogy to give him a 7

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The fact that so much of the latter half of his career was wracked with injury, and yet we’re still saying that he’s one of the, if not the, greatest footballer of the past quarter of a century, tells you just how good he was at his peak.

Better than anyone else that we’ve discussed in this series so far, and in the years when he was injury free, he was unplayable to the extent that he was better than anyone else in football at any point in their careers over the past 25 years, I think.

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It’ll be because he played for PSV, too.

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Yeah, good player


Never seen another player come close in terms of pace, power, skill, and finishing. The greatest ever striker.



Better than Ronaldinho. 9

Ridiculously exciting and explosive. So enjoyable to watch

Obvious 10

Always wonder what would’ve happened if he hadn’t had that terrible knee injury. I think he probably would’ve had a different terrible knee injury.




still 10/10 of course

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Feels like he was on another planet to everyone else whilst at Barca and Inter. Injuries etc robbed him of the career he should’ve had at club level. If you’re being really picky you’d maybe say he didnt make the impact he maybe should have in the Champions League.

Would still say prime Messi edges ahead of him even at his best, but not sure I can say that about anyone else.


Who do you think has been better, at a point in their career, than Ronaldo was in his days at Barcelona and Inter?

I think he edges out Messi, personally.

when you discuss someone like Ronaldo it really makes you realise that Messi’s peaks are so so far off the charts


Messi 2008-2016