⚽️ How Good Was This Footballer Really ⚽️ #9 David Batty (Nominated by rich-t)

Hello! From Ronaldo to David Batty, obviously. This is the first one of the fan nominated subjects, please get your pick in by DM from your team (Arsenal and Chelsea are covered). @rich-t has chosen the man, the myth, David Batty.

The leaderboard:

Ronaldo 9.41
Ronaldinho 8.72
Ruud Gullit 8.27
Ashley Cole 7.85
Alan Shearer 7.74
Andrea Pirlo 7.66
Eric Cantona 7.56
Robbie Fowler 5.70

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One of those top class professionals who didn’t have any interest in football.


Pal wrote this. 10/10.


Can we stick to professional footballers, please?

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I love that he just retired and disappeared completely too. Never goes to any Premier League winning reunions or anniversaries or anything.

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Great guy, treated football with the respect it deserved (i.e. none), and was just a perfect little shithousing terrier.

Some of his early Leeds performances were quite buccaneering, but he soon settled down to what he could do best: snapping at ankles, tidying up and laying it off to others. I think his performances for England were a little underrated, too. Him and Ince worked well when England needed to go away and hold a team at arms-length. The final WC98 qualifier against Italy was a perfect example.

Obviously he won’t score that highly because he wasn’t a magician with the ball, and didn’t inspire hero-worship, but he was important to every team he played in, so deserves a solid 6.


Yep. Former players from all over the world came back for Leeds’ centenary celebrations last year. Vinnie Jones pleaded with him to go but he wasn’t having it

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A clogger but something to be said for just carving out a decent career and then fucking off never to be heard of again.

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Was it at Blackburn where he insisted on being paid in cash?

Anyone who misses a penalty putting England out of a tournament is fondly remembered.


I mean, he didn’t score often, but would often peg it to get into the opposition box on a counter attack eg

I don’t think he was a clogger - his close control and passing was too good for that, especially in an era packed full of them.

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Feature Rinat Dasaev please.

Never really liked him mainly as he played for dirty Leeds. Good player though. 7

Was about to give him a 6, but the Sampdoria thing has bumped him up to an 8, tbh.

Solid 7. Great player. Bit ronseal in a way. Knew exactly what you’d get with him. But dead important to the teams he played in. Used to be my favourite Rovers player growing up.

Also quite like that he retired and hasn’t been heard from since. Probably living wild on the North Yorks. Moors or something.

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I read somewhere he breeds dogs.

That’s just a vicious rumour :angry: