How Good Were They Really: Music Edition

I think there should be a veto option whereby you can forbid one DiSer from posting in a particular thread.

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This is a great idea though. I’d like to nominate:

  • U2
  • Nick Cave
  • Simon and Garfunkel
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Actually @Scunner we should probably coordinate so we don’t post the music and TV ones on the same day I guess. Or doesn’t it matter?

any activity is good for this place i reckon


I sort of agree with @anon89873996 about them no longer producing music. Maybe not allow bands who’ve released an album in 2018 or 2019? Feel like there should be a retrospective aspect to it all.

(This of course still allows Radiohead in.)

Also I’d suggest we should be looking at BIG stuff and or big DiS stuff, though. Radiohead are but also, you know, Madonna, Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, that absolutely lame emo band that @plasticniki and her crew love…what were they called…Oh yeah, ‘The Hotelier’ ; )

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Yeah I plan to do stuff that the majority of people can vote on really, in the same way the TV one does. I won’t cover people that have released a very recent album I guess so the whole catalogue can be judged.

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That’s why I was thinking that U2 might be a good bet. (Ave rating 2.89)

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The Donnas

(21 out of 5)

5ive out of 5?

Could we rate their albums individually too? I love polls

You claim to love polls, yet missed a polling opportunity to gauge interest here.

  • Yes please
  • No thank you

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Jukey, whatever polls you want to post once the threads set up, you go for it.

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Chickening out of the hard work already huh

Yes. I’ll do an additional album or song poll for each one I think.

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I think the only way I’m going to survive these threads is to spend at least 24 hours meditating in a kiln to prepare myself for the heat of the takes.