How grumpy are you?

In general.
I wonder who the most grumpy DiSer irl really is.

Not too grumpy.

Am somewhat grumpy today for some reason although I just read my 4th most liked post on this site and gave a snort of laughter

so… :smiley:


And did you?

I’m grumpy enough to have earned the nickname “Mr Grumpy” in more than one workplace/social environment.

Obviously that’s the nickname they use to my face…

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Not grumpy in the slightest.

:smiley: I have been affectionately (maybe) labelled as the “Grumpus” in my time.

very. I’ve got one of those faces that religious pushers/charity people will target in the street, saying things like ‘cheer up god loves you!’ or ‘I know something that’ll cheer you up’ etc.

just wish everyone would fuck off.

Depends on the context. I think people sometimes think I’m a bit grumpy, whereas in fact I just don’t like them.



Dave. It’s Dave isn’t it?



grumpy enough that people have, in the past, revealed that they considered me unapproachable/scary.

8/10 grumpiness. It’s not misanthropy if everyone is actually a twat.


At uni my nickname was Grumpy Steve.

It tapered off when I was medically diagnosed with depression.

Anyway, it’s mostly as CCB said. A lot of people think I’m grumpy when I in fact just despise them and everything they stand for.


I’m more aloof and moody

Reckon I’ve got a bit of a reputation for grumpiness but it’s really just total, total apathy.


I seldom smile, I’ve been described as “scary” and “intense”, and in some circles I’m known as “Lord Gloom”. But I’m not that grumpy.

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I don’t think I’m particularly grumpy, but other people seem to think I am.

Yeah, I did.

How does one obtain this information?