How gullible are you?

Still can’t get over the fact they’re removing the word ‘gullible’ from the dictionary!

Just remembered an even harsher one:

I generally believe what people I trust say as who has the time to analyse whether someone is spouting a load of guff for lols? i am very busy and important

I was at a French restaurant with my family and ordered a traditional onion soup, with the cheese forming a seal over the top of the bowl.Knowing the exact level of both my credulousness and my pretentiousness, my brother told me that the traditional French way to ‘break the seal’ was to use one’s thumb.

It was only my mum’s shouting ‘Rob NO’ that prevented me from plunging my thumb through a layer of molten cheese, into a vat of piping hot soup.


Yeah always have been pretty gullible to the point of severe embarrassment but now I have the opposite problem where I just don’t trust anyone or anything, even if it’s an ‘official’ source.