How happy are you

With your broadband provider?

    1. Desperately unhappy
    1. Quite unhappy
    1. Not unhappy, yet not happy
    1. We’re in a good place, me and my broadband provider
    1. Violently Happy

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Might go back to dial up


I hate Virgin Media but I appear to be stuck with them

The broadband is actually ok when it’s working but they are an evil bunch


I was fine but my flatmate thinks we aren’t getting the SPEEDS we should be, so a change is being mooted

They replaced my router for free recently even though it was registered under my landlord’s name and I couldn’t give them his details, gbobp

I hate Virgin media, but the main alternative seems to be Sky, who I despise with the intensity of a collapsing star, so Virgin it is.


Couldnt get fibre in my current place. Irksome.

Currently with BT Fibre. TOUCH WOOD have had no issues with it for the last 2 years. Speeds seem reasonable (never check them but streaming/downloads are ok).

Let’s all spare a thought for @grievoustim

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I’m at the stage where they have massively upped the bill and I need to call them and pretend to want to leave so they drop it again. Once this really annoying task is done I will return to being “quite unhappy”


Happy with the speed but it was a lot easier to set up additional services on BT than on Virgin Media kind of miss not having a home VPN any more :expressionless:

Virgin media the only one that works well for us, it’s super fast 90% of the time but usually have a few iffy days every month where it slows to a crawl or cuts out randomly. Price increases are a pain too as others have mentioned, tiresome having to threaten to leave every 12 months to get a decent discount.

it took them 2 months to connect my flat to broadband and the compensation was rubbish


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I did this recently (I did a thread but can’t find it) with VM and noted how much better their renegotiaters have become.

I generally have no beef with Virgin Media other than the cost. Has been pretty reliable for me and the speeds are good. Need to phone up to try and get a discount again, but the last time I did this they talked me into adding Sky Sports in HD for a small increase. I’m not very good at this negotiating lark.

We’re with Virgin Media and I’ve always been happy with the service it rarely goes down and it’s fast.

But it is getting expensive now and I often think of leaving, but we don’t have fibre in our area yet so have no real options of who to switch to.

I don’t stream, game or do anything of much excess so could really do with it being quite a lot cheaper than it is. Also aware Vodafone are going to try a price hike at the end of the year but will be ready with my customer service chops to cool their jets pronto.

You don’t stream don’t game what do you do?


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