How have these forums impacted your life?

It’s true though, I don’t think I’d ever have had the chutzpah to do it.

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i moved To Manchester in late 2008 and knew nobody. A couple of MEATS later / going along to the beloved-of-DiSers Underachievers please try harder nights, and I had some great friends. I also broadened my musical horizons hugely during this time.

After that, music has been less of an influence, but in January 2011 I met my bf at Zonino at he Windmill (although we didn’t get together until later the following year). We now have a child together and a pretty happy life and I’m really glad :hugs:


Genuinely not sure I’ve ever laughed harder than that “Oh no I am Disappear” Radiohead sketch

:+1: lots of good discoveries, advice and instant company when you need it

:-1: often eats up a lot of my time

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