How have you changed your life following lockdown

This is meant to be a light hearted thread but feel free to give other answers

As something to do during lockdown i experimented with nail varnishes and as a result I haven’t bit my nails in three months, which is quite astounding considering I’ve bitten them all my life.


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Might keep cutting my own hair. It’s never perfect, but it’s usually just fucked up in a different way to how the hairdresser fucks it up.


How much is that saving a year? £100?

I have no idea how much men’s haircuts cost

My cocktail game has stepped up to a dangerous level. i might actually have to start going out MORE now bars are open


Working out at home a lot more and keeping in touch with people more regularly. Also making more of an effort with cooking.


got into being a lot kinder to my hands - proper moisturiser, trimming and filing nails etc so they’re not sharp/untidy. never thought i’d give a fuck about that

skin care in general in fact.

oh and i’m in beast mode now due to daily serious workouts. gutted that will inevitably go when work fires up big again

Favourite cocktail?

Mine’s about £25, needs doing every three weeks but I cba with that so let’s call it a month-ish. So £250-£300, minus clipper depreciation.

I’ve never paid more than £10 for a haircut, every 6-8 weeks, so yeah, between £60 and £100 a year.

There’s also the extra time and faff that going to the barbers takes. Shaving your head in your own house eliminates all that.

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10-20£ I suppose, monthly-6weekly. My partner does mine, she’s gone from no experience to getting pretty good at it

I switched from a pencil to this on a dissers recommendation, it much less harsh (I hope)

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I haven’t worn trousers in five months.

I don’t know whether I’ll be able to wear jeans again.


Wow who can be arsed getting their hair cut every three weeks

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Get jeans with a tiny amount of elastane in them, they’re comfier than PJ bottoms

Not me!

Cooking more, more varied things, while also making the same things often enough to perfect them

Reading more, my pile has actually been reducing for the first time in years

Getting better at committing to watching things that I think will engage me rather than just what’s the easiest or most background-suitable

Daily stretching will be something I will make a habit of … soon

Can’t remember the last time I used an iron.

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drinking more coffee, playing more video games, spending more time staring at the wall


I’ve also been washing my hair every few days instead of every day and my hair is definitely less greasy

oh my coffee game went from 0 to quite full on, probably the main change. Haven’t got to Chemex or V60 level yet but there’s still time