How have you changed your life following lockdown

I have less energy for socialising which sucks, maybe because we moved cities and I haven’t made any new friends yet

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haven’t smoked since 16th March


actually have been running more and am in better shape than i have been for some time

Feel free to ask for advice in this thread if you haven’t already

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Stayed in more


Started baking, with various results.
Confident cycling on London roads.
Saved money.
Cut my own hair.

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Sweet Manhattan, no contest

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Better work life balance, stopped working on the weekends.

Hoping to keep that up when life gets a bit more back to normal

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Not worn jeans or trousers since last September. Gonna be well weird putting them back on

Like Smee I have had my longest period of not smoking ciggies for a good few years - stopped a week or 2 before lockdown. I hope I can make it stick this time

It’s also made it easier for me to stay off dating apps, I was planning to stay off for a year until next March. Then lockdown happened which made that goal much easier at 1st. Finding things harder now though as the world has started opening back up but my social life really has not and I’m getting well lonely. Going to try and stick at it though as my use of dating to plug the gaps in my social life was not particularly healthy I don’t think


Slightly more serious things:

Removing my commute has meant that I now set aside time for a run in the mornings before work

Removing my commute has also meant that I cook from scratch a lot more in the evenings, and although we were always pretty frugal, we are wasting a lot less food now that one of us is at home to cook at a regular time

Watching TV/films more

Getting on with DIY jobs around the house and ticking things off the list

Talking to non-London-based friends more via zoom calls

Mrs F cuts my hair now and I’m physically and mentally exhausted all the time from work.

I like the feel of the breeze that wearing shorts provides

shorter the hair the more you need it cut isn’t it

need to shave my head like once a week

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Have developed a real love for running and do it most days now, discovered the glorious game of disc golf, got to know my neighbours better and also the hair washing thing (going to save so much money on shampoo) - pretty pleased with those.


major cba

accurate though, if mine grows like 2 cm I’m annoyed by how “off” it looks

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someone (@AcceptanceIII maybe?) posted an article the other day about a guy that was saying we should all stop using soap and shampoo and our lives would be better for it

Also I finally acted on this thread and bought a couple of bits and bobs to record my own music.

Haven’t found ghat much time to put towards it but have learnt a lot and got some ok results so far.

moved house

Exactly the opposite.

Unable to play football or go swimming until very recently, have been running daily for over 4 months. Hated it.